curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal
more dragons?!?


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But they do! They're called birds!


Of course I know's C3PO who needs education. It's not an easy sell to explain that dragons aren't real and birds were dinosaurs, when he's holding those in his hand.


Poor Threepio. He looks a bit overwhelmed and T-Rex watching gleefully from the top of the shelf doesn't seem to be helping.

Jodi Hippler

Just wait until they all start laying eggs...


I feel dumb asking, but what the heck is his favorite series?


His favorite series has nothing to do with dragons.....but it's only one season and a movie long, so he ran out of scenes to act out and has moved on to other playthings.

Mad for Mod

Looks like C3PO is having some issues with the dragons. I hope they don't breathe fire.

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