bathroom sink
it's wallpapering day

bathroom fixtures installed

The sink is in.  I put double stick tape over the back, put it in place, and held it there while I screwed it in from the back side.  Worked like a charm.  The part of the exterior with screw heads sticking out is going to be covered by a piece of foam core board.  The toilet is glued to the wall and floor.  I stuck some scrap foam core board in the back of the toilet and pushed a T pin into it to act as the flush handle.

I forgot to take a picture of the plumbing when I was done, but since the broom closet isn't attached yet I can sneak the camera in through where the closet door is going to be.


I'm glad I experimented with it, but don't think I'll bother making plumbing again unless I've got a very, very good reason. much of this will be seen in the finished build?

View from the closest side window, which will have a bookcase table in the way later...


View from the furthest side window...


View from the bathroom window...


I didn't even bother putting the faucets on the sink because no one will see them; I'll save them for another project.

The second problem with taping in thae wallpaper has shown itself.  Every time my arm brushes the top edge of the wall it disturbs the paper. 


It's also lifting where I wrapped it around the edge of the closet door opening.


I've got some gel medium on the way, once it's here I'll fix the edge issues.


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I like how that looks! My sympathies on the paper. Maybe a little strip of matte scotch tape over the edges? I really like the color of the fixtures against the wallpaper.


I love it! The loo handle is brilliant! :D

elizabeth s

I think the way you have secured the sink unit to the wall was pretty clever and love your solution for the toilet flush handle as well.

Jodi Hippler

It'll make it more fun to peep than see the full Monty! Looking really cute!


The bathroom looks so great! Works especially well with the view from the doorway. I've never heard of using gel medium for wallpaper before (I've always used tape...) is it just like the stuff from the paint section of the craft store? Do you just apply it like you would glue?


I discovered gel medium as an adhesive when I went through my collage phase. Gel medium is an additive for acrylic paints. It is, basically, acrylic paint without pigment, so it dries clear. It is waterproof and archival....flexible, non-yellowing, and it doesn't crack. I use it to glue my papers down, then as a sealant over the top.

It comes in both gloss and matte finish (I use matte), and in different consistencies (I use soft or medium, never heavy for gluing....consistencies can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer...I usually buy Liquitex, but have used Golden too).

Info here...

And here's a quick, basic, article to read...

Gel mediums are also available with textures too, which can be fun....

You can find gel medium in the acrylic paint section (not the craft paint section, but the artist's paint section) of Michael's, Joann's, Hobby Lobby, etc, as well as at art supply stores, and, of course, online.


Forgot to answer your question about how you apply it. You brush it on with a damp paintbrush.

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