more dragons?!?
the walls are up

Freddie the bricklayer

I've been busy cutting bricks from egg cartons.  I'm using Brae's measurement of 3/4" x 1/4". I couldn't see researching something she's already figured out, and you can't fault Brae's brickwork.  I did make myself a wooden cutting template though, so I don't have to measure each row with the ruler; it should eliminate error and quicken the process.  (The extra strip of wood is 1/4", I add it to the width of the template piece to cut corner bricks.)

DSCN4841 (2)

I got antsy to see it on the build, so bricked the side extension.


You've noticed Freddie Mercury, my new assistant.  C3PO wasn't working out, I had to let him go.  Although he is fully articulated he has as much range of motion as, well, C3PO.  I'd say he is a regretful purchase, but I had fun assembling him.  (Freddie arrived already assembled, with three interchangeable heads and four sets of hands.)

My other assistant was too busy playing 'get the tail' in the chair next to me to be much help with the bricks.  But then, her official job title is Chief Distraction.


I've been thinking about exterior lights while I cut egg cartons.  I don't want sconces next to the door, so I'm going to place lights in the roof above the door.  I could buy a couple of can lights, but I already have a couple of ugly ceiling fixtures in my if I put a couple rows of bricks in front, so you can't see the fixture....but would that make the height above the door too short?  Do I even NEED exterior lights?  Well, I've already got one that's going in around the side, so I should finish the job.

I roughed it out, it should work.  This rough is for two rows of bricks, which should conceal the fixture, but I think I can make it up to four rows high if I need to.  Plus, I can cut into the bottom of the roof a bit to inset the fixture.


All the places with black foam core will be bricked, all the mdf areas will be clad in wood strips.

I'm not sure I"ll get anything accomplished today, I have to do our taxes this morning, Kate's coming over for lunch, and it's going to hit 60 degrees this afternoon and I'd like to get last year's dead foliage off my flower I'm behind on laundry....the never-ending list of adulthood.

Husband has the day off today, perhaps I'll have him cut my window and door openings.  He feels guilty about an argument we had, and it will make him feel better to do something nice for me to make up.  I hate to see him moping about.  Normally I'd ask for lasagna, but he's got a special lunch planned for Kate.  The man makes lasagana from scratch....he starts with fresh tomatoes and basil....he's brilliant.

One more quick share to put off doing taxes a few more attempt at staging a cute picture for you of Freddie relaxing with Ester didn't go as planned....


He's taking a nap with the bricks, instead, while I take the day off from minis.

DSCN4856 (2)






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My only concern with hiding the light behind a strip of bricks is that your entry will start to feel closed in and heavy.. It'll depend on how 'light' looking the brick is I think, color wise. But the premise is sound. It'll definitely conceal the lights.

You might want to try it with some of the wood you're going to use on the MDF. Just to make a comparison and see if that works better for you. Like a simple trim? If you liked it you could carry it around the edges of your brickwork.


Good idea. Also, the fixture might not be so bad looking when it's not in the center of a room, so I might be able to skip the barricade altogether.


Whoa, Freddie totally got a spanking and sent to bed! :O

You're doing a great job with the bricks! :D

Jodi Hippler

I am loving the additions you've added to the kit. It really kicks up the style! Great idea for brick manufacturing - what you've got on so far looks fabulous. Seeing you and Sheila with your layouts and mock up already settled is exciting. I am on flowers shop duty for the next five weeks, I expect, and then I have to decide if I am doing the kit or something else. The "something else" is really calling to me...


Catzilla! RAWR


Freddie really is a trooper! :) The bricks look so good on the the side of the house and they aren't even finished yet! First those echeveria and now bricks... takes a lot of patience but it will be worth it!

Mad for Mod

I love your Freddie! Poor it from Ester. Your build is looking awesome. I really hope I can get back to minis soon. I think I'm having withdrawl!


I'm loving those bricks!!

And yep, Freddie looks like he is suffering some angst from the giant cat attack.
He's an excellent tour guide for your projects, but he and Ester need to work out some sort of arrangement.

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