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sorting and organizing

After I discovered that big-box stores only carry inexpensive jewelry armoires at Christmas time, I ordered one from Amazon.  While I wait for it to arrive I'm sorting accessories into like piles and rearranging the furniture on my shelves to put all the chairs on one shelf, tables on another, etc, (as I should have done when I put it all up there).



Sigh....and the closet is stuffed with building materials....


Wallpaper is done

I love the color, it's exactly what I wanted.  


Now I have to figure out where to put how many of which lamps, then redo holes in the floor to run wires.


First I have to clean my studio.  I ran out of room on my work table, overflowed onto the other table, then a rolling cart, then a second rolling yesterday I had to set up a cutting station on my ironing board.  There are piles on the floor, and stuff stacked in Ester's chair.

I also need to do a bit of reorganization.  My nieces made some artwork for the beach house, but didn't get the drawings to me in time to use there.  I put them away somewhere to use later, and promptly lost them. I remember finding them, accidentally, a couple of months ago, and thinking "well that was a perfectly rational place to have put them", and leaving them there.  I don't remember where there is.  Alivia drew some flowers I'd like to hang in this build, so I need to track them down again.  When I do I am going to put all my mini artwork in one place, and label it.

I have been meaning, for some time, to buy an inexpensive jewelry armoire to categorize and store mini accessories.  Perhaps I'll do that today too, if Husband didn't splurge too much on Record Store Day yesterday.

it's wallpapering day

A couple of months ago I gave up on finding paper for the walls, so bought fabric.  I was in JoAnn's last weekend to buy a glue stick, and unexpectedly found the perfect paper in a clearance bin.  Yes!  It's the exact color I wanted, it's textured, and it's in large sheets, so I don't have to piece the tall section of wall with a vertical seam.  Best of all, I don't have to monkey with fabric.  Happy day!


We have a dresser just inside the front door of our house; it's full of hats, gloves and scarves, mostly.  Every time we open a drawer Ester jumps in, she is fascinated by the empty space behind them.  Last night Husband gave her a treat.


Hmmm, the art is interesting from this perspective.


I know I'm not supposed to be up here, but clearly you offered an invitation.  I'm going to sit right here.  What are you going to do about it?


bathroom fixtures installed

The sink is in.  I put double stick tape over the back, put it in place, and held it there while I screwed it in from the back side.  Worked like a charm.  The part of the exterior with screw heads sticking out is going to be covered by a piece of foam core board.  The toilet is glued to the wall and floor.  I stuck some scrap foam core board in the back of the toilet and pushed a T pin into it to act as the flush handle.

I forgot to take a picture of the plumbing when I was done, but since the broom closet isn't attached yet I can sneak the camera in through where the closet door is going to be.


I'm glad I experimented with it, but don't think I'll bother making plumbing again unless I've got a very, very good reason. much of this will be seen in the finished build?

View from the closest side window, which will have a bookcase table in the way later...


View from the furthest side window...


View from the bathroom window...


I didn't even bother putting the faucets on the sink because no one will see them; I'll save them for another project.

The second problem with taping in thae wallpaper has shown itself.  Every time my arm brushes the top edge of the wall it disturbs the paper. 


It's also lifting where I wrapped it around the edge of the closet door opening.


I've got some gel medium on the way, once it's here I'll fix the edge issues.