the walls are up
change of plans

more holes

After the walls had dried and I removed the clamps I drilled holes and cut grooves for the wiring.

When that was done I glued on the top wall piece and the slanted roof supports.  I put waxed paper under them so they wouldn't stick to the flat roof piece, which I don't want on yet.  I also glued together the base of the porch.


It worked!  No stick!  The flat roof piece slid right out.


I measured for the placement of my porch light, then cut a hole in the roof piece with my jeweler's saw.  If you ever have a chance to take Diane Almeyda's jeweler's saw class at the Bishop Show in Chicago, do it!


I didn't take a before picture of the ceiling fixture I am going to use.  It is one from Charlene's stash.  I showed you guys the furniture she hadn't used yet, but there were all sorts of lighting and building supplies as well.   I managed to pry off the brass filigree thing from the bottom of the fixture....I'm not sure where it landed.  Then I scraped off the old, deteriorated foam mounting stuff from the bottom. 

The light is going to be inset into the ceiling in order to hide the level at the base, and minimize the profile....



That should work nicely.  Next up...figure out which power supply of Charlene's is the correct one to use, and make sure the lights work. 

Kat, I meant to tell you, the pin vise I threw in the box I sent you is from Charlene.  :)



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I used it the day the box arrived! I needed it for hinges (and I HATED my old one). The stars aligned!

I like the light fixture!

Jodi Hippler

Ooooh weeee! Now you're gettin' somewhere! I'm looking forward to the interior layout!


Very nice!!
That light looks good mounted in the hole.

Freddie looks pensive, though.
Is he wondering if his roadies are slacking off and leaving equipment hanging about?


Nice job! Love how everything looks!


Freddy looks like a big help.

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