Wallpaper is done
Thursday can't get here soon enough

sorting and organizing

After I discovered that big-box stores only carry inexpensive jewelry armoires at Christmas time, I ordered one from Amazon.  While I wait for it to arrive I'm sorting accessories into like piles and rearranging the furniture on my shelves to put all the chairs on one shelf, tables on another, etc, (as I should have done when I put it all up there).



Sigh....and the closet is stuffed with building materials....



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Jodi Hippler

It's kind of fun to organize isn't it? I wonder if you could attach a front frame to the shelf unit... Then you'd have solid wood for hinges and could attach IKEA pre fab glass doors. Still visible, less dusting?


I already thought of that, it's not feasible. :(


What about the plastic divider boxes for fishing lures? Back when I painted RPG miniatures I would wrap them in foam and keep them in there. Some of them even have movable dividers so you could have wider spaces. Usually they're only an inch and a half to two inches deep though so they'd only work for small things.

If the jewelry armoire doesn't work out or... and this is a problem for me, you still run out of room.


I'm not a fan of plastic. I have room for two armoires if I don't want to open the sides where necklaces hang. Am going to start with one then see if I need more drawer room.


I have plastic drawers inside old wooden shipping crates, so it's sort of disguised but still very useful... just another idea in case the armoire idea doesn't suit you later on. I love looking at all your stuff!!!


When you come to visit this summer we can put an air mattress on the floor in there and you can sleep cozily amidst all my stuff instead of in a comfy hotel room with your hubby.

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