another water/paper trick and fixing the sink
Coffee bar progress

coming in the fall, to an etsy near you

But coming even sooner to a mini-house near me...bwah, ha, ha, ha.   My miniaturist potter friend, April, is making me some coffee mugs and a birdbath for the contest build.

Handful mugs

Bb cluster side

Bbath top

I'll let you all know when her etsy shop opens.  For now, you can find her on instagram: aprilwrightpottery, facebook: April Wright, or twitter: April Wright Pottery, where you can see tempting pictures of her other mini pottery.


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Sweet little mugs, and those birdbaths are lovely! She is a talent - I'm looking forward to checking out her future Etsy shop!


Marvelous! :D I love her tiny works!

Nancy Enge

Those mugs!

Barbara W.

Just lovely! I hope she ships to Canada! :)


Oh those are just gorgeous. The colors! And the detail on those birdbaths...

April Wright

Thanks for the feature! I'll be sure to shout it from the mountain tops when I open up shop :D


I've had her on IG for a while. Her pottery is gorgeous!!! I shall await the Etsy announcement!


Yay for more mini potters. I love the glazes. The birdbath and mugs are lovely :0)

Jodi Hippler

Those mugs are tiny and awesome and everything I love about mini artisanship. "Open, open, open" comes to mind when I think about April's Etsy shop. Her Instagram posts are making me frenzied! Can't wait to see the coffee bar and all the thoughtful details included!

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