snakeskin journal
leather covered journals

how I made the torn edge pages for the journal

First I laid out a grid of same size pages on a pieces of paper, but instead of using a pen or pencil I used a tool to score the lines.  I don't want ink or graphite on the edges of the pages, and scoring helps fold the pages later.


Then, using a new (clean) paintbrush, I brushed water onto the lines I wanted to tear.


Let the water soak through, then slowly pull the two sides away from each other.


That, my friends, is how you tear paper where you want it to be torn; weaken it with water.  You don't need to score first for the water to work, I was just marking my lines. This technique works fantastically freehand, or to tear on a curvy line.  Thicker paper, like cardstock, requires multiple passes with your brush, keep checking the back side until the line has soaked through.  Thin water lines are precise, thick water lines yield jagged tears.  If you want to stain the edges a bit, use tea or coffee instead of water.  Play with it, and have fun.






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Oh! Brilliant!! I would never have thought of using water - thanks for the tip!!


Awesome! I did not know this. Now my brain is working like crazy!


Nice! So simple and great results! :D

elizabeth s

Love it Keli- a simple yet Terrific technique! :))

Jodi Hippler

Nice! It makes perfect sense and the results look fantastic! Thanks for sharing! :0)


Thank you for explaining, I am very impressed with the lovely snakeskin notebook. The torn pages make it even more of a handcrafted art book.

Betsy Rogers

What a wonderful tip! I hope your arm heals quickly! I did the same to mine.... only mine broke rather than sprained! It is slowly healing... cast is off and I can almost type... no strength at all in those fingers! Your journals look fantastic!

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