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I'm home


I'm back from St. Louis.  I came home from the company meeting to a sick husband and an empty refrigerator.  I also came home as head of a month long research group.   I'll talk to you all again in a month.

View from the top of the Gateway Arch...


...and inside the caves at the City Museum (which is not a museum)...


I did go visit my mother today, before I start my research.  She has a fluffy, snuggly kitten named Jack.






Nancy's journals

I finished putting away accessories in the jewelry armoire, leaving out any I thought I would or could use in the current build.  I wanted to play with them inside the library, but can't make a tablescape without the sketchbooks that sparked the vision, so started work on Nancy's sketchbook/journal kit.

There were kit parts for six, plus extra map and gatefold pieces Nancy mailed me.  I stacked enough piles for eleven sketchbooks and one atlas, counting a gatefold page as two bifolia.  Two of the map covers are glued to mint cardstock, the others are stacks of three maps glued together for one cover, to match the thickness of cardstock.  I cut button thread to increase the bookmark count.  Nine will have ephemera pockets, three will not.

One of the journals will have ten bifolia instead of eleven, but I'm using the pages I dripped coffee on, so they won't lay flat anyway.  I was left with one extra map cover, which I folded to put inside an ephemera pocket.

DSCN5013 (2)

The kit instructions are perfect.


It's not super obvious in the picture, but I got a bit of sticky glue finger on the cover of the first one.  I used a bit of pretty paper from Nancy's leftover basket liners to cover it, and then stuck on a big silver N.


I absolutely love it.

The kits are fun, and a bit addictive.  Four down, eight to go.  I may have to buy more.


I just realized I forgot the bookmarks in the last two.  Oh well.

random cell phone pictures

I've been very busy the past couple of weeks, so have not had time for minis.  We're having some repairs and remodeling done on our life size house this year.  In the last couple of weeks I've met with a banker, a window guy, a roofer, and a contractor.  We have the windows, doors, and shingles picked out; thankfully, Husband and I immediately liked the same styles and colors.  The financing and the quote from the contractor have not come in yet.  I need to remember to take 'before pictures' of the house.

My inexpensive jewelry armoire arrived.  I had to screw the legs and top on...


I'm taking my time loading it up, hoping if I store sensibly it will be easier to locate items later.  (The heart is so the reflection of the flash in the mirror doesn't blind you.  You're welcome.)


Spring is here.  It's still not very warm though.  The yard is blooming with violets and dandelions...


the cherry tree is in full are looking at future deliciousness right here...these will be cherries by the time Susan comes to visit....


The birds are back.  I filled the bird baths and feeders, and put a pile of seed on the ground for the mourning doves....


I've been playing a bit with my cricut.  I made a few cards, for practice, then cut out a bunch of spiders, because, well, SPIDERS!


I put this guy in a window...I call him Harry.


My assistant has been out all week because her son, Mr. Smoochy Face, is sick, so I've been very busy at the office and will likely work this weekend too.  Next week I'll be in St. Louis for a company meeting, so you won't see another post for a bit.