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I've been very busy the past couple of weeks, so have not had time for minis.  We're having some repairs and remodeling done on our life size house this year.  In the last couple of weeks I've met with a banker, a window guy, a roofer, and a contractor.  We have the windows, doors, and shingles picked out; thankfully, Husband and I immediately liked the same styles and colors.  The financing and the quote from the contractor have not come in yet.  I need to remember to take 'before pictures' of the house.

My inexpensive jewelry armoire arrived.  I had to screw the legs and top on...


I'm taking my time loading it up, hoping if I store sensibly it will be easier to locate items later.  (The heart is so the reflection of the flash in the mirror doesn't blind you.  You're welcome.)


Spring is here.  It's still not very warm though.  The yard is blooming with violets and dandelions...


the cherry tree is in full are looking at future deliciousness right here...these will be cherries by the time Susan comes to visit....


The birds are back.  I filled the bird baths and feeders, and put a pile of seed on the ground for the mourning doves....


I've been playing a bit with my cricut.  I made a few cards, for practice, then cut out a bunch of spiders, because, well, SPIDERS!


I put this guy in a window...I call him Harry.


My assistant has been out all week because her son, Mr. Smoochy Face, is sick, so I've been very busy at the office and will likely work this weekend too.  Next week I'll be in St. Louis for a company meeting, so you won't see another post for a bit.







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Those are awfully furry looking morning doves. The violets are pretty. How did you get white ones? Mine are all purple. Clever storage idea. You should put Hairy th spider on the mirror to scare snoopers. Have fun in Saint Louis, don't get washed away by the floods!


Ester appears to be enjoying the box. And the jewelry armoire looks like it'll work out great..

We've got those same type of fuzzy birds in my backyard. Drives my cats nuts. Love your violets, we don't get them down here and I miss them. Violets and lilacs.

Good luck with your renovations and your meeting in St. Louis!

Jodi Hippler

I love the new armoire! It looks very 1930's deco! Function and style!

Spiders? Eeeeewwwww! Hairy spiders: double Eeeeeeeewwwww! We have some ghastly ones up here in the Northwest - the kind that stalk you while you're sleeping. Bad times...

Home improvements are a big life and net worth sucker - temporarily. Just remember that it will be over soon and your investment now will buy golf lessons in retirement, lol! It's good to agree on styles right up front! Russ and I are very similar in that way, too!

Good luck with all of the little benchmarks that'll get you closer to the exciting improvements, and remember to keep enjoying all the springtime gifts along the way!

Betsy Rogers

We are looking like you over here too... violets and lilacs and cool and wet. Sunshine? Once or twice in the past few weeks, but if you blinked you missed it! I love your new "jewelry" armoire! Where did you order from? I have been pondering a similar solution for my "collections" that are awaiting their homes... needs to fit in a small house! :) Thanks for sharing!


I love Harry!!!

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