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how I made the torn edge pages for the journal

snakeskin journal

I painstakingly made a faux snakeskin journal today, similar to the one I made Susan last October and the two for Kat a couple of months ago.  This cover isn't as well done, though the torn edged pages turned out great.




Serious crafting is out for a couple of weeks or so, I sprained my wrist doing some hard-core gardening this weekend.



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Well, boo on the injury. :\ But, the journal is marvelous! :D Those pages!


Boo about your poor wrist! But that little journal is sweet!!


Looks amazing.....and I love mine!!!

And I thought I gardened hard.'re a machine!! The worst I've done so far to myself is perpetually sore butt muscles from stand/squatting as I dig and plant. I guess gardening ranks up there with MMA in extreme sports!


Aww, man. You seem to be flying and then an injury :0/ Let the fella do the heavy lifting in the garden and keep your limbs for the delicate stuff. Hope it's not too long before you're wrist is better :0)


Youch! I've messed up my back and legs gardening/hauling stuff for the garden, but so far not my wrist. I hope the garden looks good at least?

Love the little journal. Those pages are so cool! And the little tie to close it is awesome. Nice color for the cover too.

Hope you recover soon and that it doesn't side like you from everything you like doing. Although this could be an optimal time to plot and plan for the rest of the build?

Jodi Hippler

Ouch! My sympathies for the pain and inconvenience. I hope whatever shrub it was you wrestled with is feeling sorry that it ever tangled with you. At least then you'll have the satisfaction of winning!

The journal cover is superbly done! You'll have to share how you got the torn page edges to look so in scale and authentic!

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