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Bonus day

I enjoyed my bonus day off waiting for the cable technician who never came.  I cleaned my studio, then messed it up again.

The niche shelves were repainted and glued into place, then I cut trim to edge it, painted the pieces, and set them on my gray cutting mat to dry.  While they were drying I sorted through my scrap wood bin, which was overflowing enough that it didn't fit into its spot on a closet shelf.


Keepers on the right, tossers on the left.  You know where my trim pieces went, don't you.  Yup, in the trash bin.

While the second set of trim pieces dried I sanded the door opening to fit the now painted door.  It fit so snuggly when it finally slid into place that I couldn't get it back out to put glue on it.  I had to glue the door handles on in place, but that went okay.

After the shelf trim was safely glued in place I installed the sconces.  One was broken and I probably should have returned it, but I want to get this corner of the build done so that I can pound in the flat roof and get started on the exterior, so I used it anyway.  One sconce will forever have a burned out bulb.


I glued the faucet in and put some coat hooks up.  I mangled one side of the coat rack, hence the hat.  I've got a fire extinguisher that needed repair which I am fashioning a bracket for.  Once that is hung on the wall I think I'm ready for the flat section of roof to go in.

It seems so little done for an entire day in my studio.  Sigh.

Oh, I think I've fixed my clock problem.  The reason I like it in that particular spot is because it distributes that wood tone evenly around the room.  Moving it on top of the shorter cabinet, which is the same color, doesn't work for me.

I only need it to be a scoosh shorter and further forward, so I carefully pried off the bottom layer of the three layer base.


It works better now.  I may need to take off one more layer, we'll see.  I also dry brushed the bookcase a bit more; it looks better too.





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I think the clock looks perfect in the space now. :D Good solution! I think the aging on the shelves looks great, too!


Love the dry brush effect on the bookshelves, and the clock looks great there now! Your day sounds like mine, moving shelves in my closet. Every attempt to organize means I've screwed something else up somewhere...

elizabeth s

Oh boy what a day of minor mishaps for you Keli but it sounds like you have gotten through it with your mind intact, in spite of it all.
I feel your pain regarding the one working sconce. It happened to me too in my Land's End living room over the fireplace. Electrics seem to want to act up in the most inconvenient spaces don't they?
Anyway, I think that your solution to solving the height of the mantle clock was pretty clever! It fits on the top shelf just as it should and the loss of the base bits hasn't damaged the clocks proportions in the slightest. - Brilliant!


Yes and yes to the book case! I was also thinking of antiquing wax, but the dry brush looks great.


I feel your pain on the sconces. Electric fixtures and I don't always get along and especially the ones with those awful pin bulbs.

Love how the clock looks now and the dry brush to bring out the shelving detail is awesome.

Congrats on being done with the flat roof portion of the build!


Love the dry brush on the shelves! The clock fits really nicely now too.
At the end of every "studio" day it always looks like I never did anything to clean up in the first place haha oh well what can we do?


It must be a universal truth that Tradesmen don't turn up for appointments :0( Love your solution for the clock, it looks perfect :0)

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