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books and roof

Susan mailed me the burgundy succulents to finish the roof.  She has been making books for her own mini library (two stories, with a spiral staircase, I'm jealous) and said she was putting some in the box.   Some?!?  Holy cow. 


I want a combination of old and new books in my little library.  I think I'm set now on the old ones.  Wow.  I have the bestest bestie.  :D 


The succulents she sent filled in quite a bit of space on the roof and the color is great.  I'll have to fuss with the edges when I trim the roof, but I'm done with the bulk of the planting now.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out.





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Oh wow, the roof looks gorgeous! so much color and variation. Love it.

Lots of books! They look really cool. Though honestly some modern paperbacks in there wouldn't look bad at all. Just for variety if you wanted.

Jodi Hippler

The roof looks absolutely lush! I love looking at it! And, yeah - you do have the bestest bestie!

elizabeth s

WOW is right! The varieties of succulent shapes and colors and textures make as well as the way you have grouped them, looks like a desert garden one might easily see in Real Life; Beautiful Keli.
And what a Generous Best Bestie! The volumes looks just right on the shelves - way to go Susan!


The roof does look amazing!! And I'm glad you can use the books - they're a lot of fun to make, which is good because I'm going to have to make a ton for my library. I figured you could use those for filler with more modern books that you have. I'm trying to keep everything in my house pre-1910. We need to have a bookmaking session!


The roof looks fabulous Keli! I love the different variations in height and texture. All your searching for plants paid off. I can't wait to see what it looks like when you put up the exterior finishes :)


This is fantastic! What a great "mini" idea. :)

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