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Jodi Hippler

It is so encouraging to see someone else go back and finish off a long forgotten project - gives me hope for the ones I've abandoned because of getting stuck, bored or just losing enthusiasm for it altogether. You've put so many great little details in throughout the build! It's definitely a keeper and was fun to zoom in on and see how loving you were with every finish!


Hooray! It's always nice to revisit and put the finishing touches on. I love this house! Bravo! :D


Oh boy... that's just gorgeous. I think my favorite is the blue book shelves flanking the window and the little table under the window. Gorgeous!

And the green owl lamp! I love him.


So many projects of mine remain unfinished. It's great you went back and completed it! The photos in the frames made me laugh, they are so perfect! Really makes the house look like a real person is living there! :) I love how every nook and cranny is filled without it being too busy. It's evident a lot of time and effort when into the build! Well done!

elizabeth s

It's a very sweet house which you have filled it with love and interesting little details, all of which makes it feel like A Home.


It's so sweet, every inch of it! The animals are the best - I especially love the doggos laying around.

Stop dusting right now! If you love me, you won't worry about anything being dusty or out of place around me.
And I guarantee you that Rotten won't notice or mind, if we can even get him to sit down for a minute.
The man is a hummingbird...


Pffft, I'm not dusting the big house. Just the little ones.


It looks awesome! Now I'm getting inspired to finish up some details on a few neglected houses of my own :D



Our brains are SO much alike!

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