I ran out of glue
unexpected motivation

dying plastic and grooming the roof

The little plastic succulents (fake baby's breath) didn't give as much coverage as I expected.  The only color of them I can find in the store now is white, so I tried an experiment.


Awww, look what came crawling out of the flowers.  Good thing she made an appearance before she got thrown in the pot.


The dye worked great, but the green turned out pretty blue and the gray kind of greenish.


A quick look at them in place proved the "green" ones too unrealistic...


...so I boiled another batch of gray dye and colored them again.  Much better.


I spent the rest of the evening grooming the roof.  I pulled off the white plants because I didn't like them, and stroked all the other succulents, removing any that weren't glued down sufficiently.  Then I picked glue boogers, except in a couple of spots where they looked like old spider webs.


It's looking good! 


Susan found some of the larger size plants in a deep burgundy when she was shopping yesterday.  She picked some up for me, so until those arrive the roof is on hiatus.  She's coming to visit in a couple of weeks (I'm so excited!), I imagine she'll pop them in her suitcase.

In the meantime, I'll see how much of the exterior walls I can finish before she gets here.




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I'll send the purple succulents up so you don't have to slow down your momentum too much. And I can't believe our visit is almost here - I'm excited, too!!


The dying process is interesting for sure, but that's an awesome spider pic! :D


Yeesh! That's a very... interesting spider. You're a lot more laid back than I am. I'd have freaked.

I love how the roof is looking though!

Jodi Hippler

Well call me boiled and dyed! I never would have come up with that! They turned out truly amazing and look so good in green! And surprisingly, spiders usually freak me out a little, but yours is actually kind of cute, Weird... A photogenic spider.

elizabeth s

I've painted but never thought of dying plastic, however your succulents turned out Really Well! It's amazing how many colors they come in and how lovely they are.
I also have to say that I agree with your decision to remove the white flowers - much better :)

Mad for Mod

I had no idea you could dye plastic!

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