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Embracing the yuck

After putting everything back in the room and placing books on the shelves I decided not to change the color of the bookshelves.  I don't love it, and I'm disappointed the color doesn't exactly match the wallpaper, but I don't hate it anymore, and can't think of anything better.  I did dry brush a darker color on to accentuate the detail, but see now I need to do a bit more.


I love this clock in the room, but the shelf isn't tall enough to show it off well.  I wonder if I can remove the top shelf in the center section without making a huge mess.


I can't live with the paint color on the coffee bar shelves, though, I'm going to repaint them.


I know this picture is sideways but I can't fix it right now.  I am blogging on my phone because my internet was shut off.  Apparently there is a "cable tv leak" somewhere in my neighborhood, so the cable company has reduced service levels and is going door-to-door to locate it.  I have to stay home to wait for a technician today.  It's a perfect opportunity to do a bit of clean up in my studio.




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I think that shelving unit is going to melt right into the background when you fill it. Personal opinion - I think it looks great but taking out the centre shelf for the clock...noooope. Is there no other surface to put it, centre stage?


Is there room on top of the shelf for the clock? It would look great on the shorter cabinet, too.


It's a beautiful clock. I was going to suggest moving it to the shorter cabinet, too.

Jodi Hippler

I like the idea of the clock on the shelf and agree it kind of loses impact that high up. I wonder if instead of cutting out the shelf completely, you could trace a half circle on it, then use the Dremel sander to sand away the center.


If you take out the top shelf in the center you'll have to build supports for the side shelves behind the dividers. It could work but it would be fiddly and labor intensive. Not sure if you'd think it was worth it or not?

With the coffee bar shelves I'd be very tempted to do them in a dark brown and really make them stand out. Then have light and primary colored accessories on them.


Oh no! A cable tv leak! Is it dangerous? Are all the programs piling up underground? Could it explode or cause a sink hole? Shouldn't you be evacuated until they have disarmed and rounded up all the villains who escaped through the leak?

Oh my, what thrilling images and laughter your last paragraph gave me. Thanks for telling me about the possibility of cable tv leaks, I didn't know about them but now I'll be on the lookout for them.

I think the clock would look good next to the bust on the lower cabinet. It would have more space around it which would give it more importance.

Nancy Enge

Way to spin an irritating service glitch to the sunny side, Keli.
Also, as a totally, typically self-involved observation, I’m charmed that Mr. M seems to be having an aha! moment as he sits with [his?] sketchbook :) Who knew he was also into succulents?!


Mr. Mercury loves his sketchbook, and thanks you very much :)

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