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dying plastic and grooming the roof

The little plastic succulents (fake baby's breath) didn't give as much coverage as I expected.  The only color of them I can find in the store now is white, so I tried an experiment.


Awww, look what came crawling out of the flowers.  Good thing she made an appearance before she got thrown in the pot.


The dye worked great, but the green turned out pretty blue and the gray kind of greenish.


A quick look at them in place proved the "green" ones too unrealistic...

DSCN5217 I boiled another batch of gray dye and colored them again.  Much better.


I spent the rest of the evening grooming the roof.  I pulled off the white plants because I didn't like them, and stroked all the other succulents, removing any that weren't glued down sufficiently.  Then I picked glue boogers, except in a couple of spots where they looked like old spider webs.


It's looking good! 


Susan found some of the larger size plants in a deep burgundy when she was shopping yesterday.  She picked some up for me, so until those arrive the roof is on hiatus.  She's coming to visit in a couple of weeks (I'm so excited!), I imagine she'll pop them in her suitcase.

In the meantime, I'll see how much of the exterior walls I can finish before she gets here.



Bonus day

I enjoyed my bonus day off waiting for the cable technician who never came.  I cleaned my studio, then messed it up again.

The niche shelves were repainted and glued into place, then I cut trim to edge it, painted the pieces, and set them on my gray cutting mat to dry.  While they were drying I sorted through my scrap wood bin, which was overflowing enough that it didn't fit into its spot on a closet shelf.


Keepers on the right, tossers on the left.  You know where my trim pieces went, don't you.  Yup, in the trash bin.

While the second set of trim pieces dried I sanded the door opening to fit the now painted door.  It fit so snuggly when it finally slid into place that I couldn't get it back out to put glue on it.  I had to glue the door handles on in place, but that went okay.

After the shelf trim was safely glued in place I installed the sconces.  One was broken and I probably should have returned it, but I want to get this corner of the build done so that I can pound in the flat roof and get started on the exterior, so I used it anyway.  One sconce will forever have a burned out bulb.


I glued the faucet in and put some coat hooks up.  I mangled one side of the coat rack, hence the hat.  I've got a fire extinguisher that needed repair which I am fashioning a bracket for.  Once that is hung on the wall I think I'm ready for the flat section of roof to go in.

It seems so little done for an entire day in my studio.  Sigh.

Oh, I think I've fixed my clock problem.  The reason I like it in that particular spot is because it distributes that wood tone evenly around the room.  Moving it on top of the shorter cabinet, which is the same color, doesn't work for me.

I only need it to be a scoosh shorter and further forward, so I carefully pried off the bottom layer of the three layer base.


It works better now.  I may need to take off one more layer, we'll see.  I also dry brushed the bookcase a bit more; it looks better too.




Embracing the yuck

After putting everything back in the room and placing books on the shelves I decided not to change the color of the bookshelves.  I don't love it, and I'm disappointed the color doesn't exactly match the wallpaper, but I don't hate it anymore, and can't think of anything better.  I did dry brush a darker color on to accentuate the detail, but see now I need to do a bit more.


I love this clock in the room, but the shelf isn't tall enough to show it off well.  I wonder if I can remove the top shelf in the center section without making a huge mess.


I can't live with the paint color on the coffee bar shelves, though, I'm going to repaint them.


I know this picture is sideways but I can't fix it right now.  I am blogging on my phone because my internet was shut off.  Apparently there is a "cable tv leak" somewhere in my neighborhood, so the cable company has reduced service levels and is going door-to-door to locate it.  I have to stay home to wait for a technician today.  It's a perfect opportunity to do a bit of clean up in my studio.



Cricut practice

I volunteered to cut out some images with my Cricut to make inexpensive birthday party decorations for this guy, who doesn't like to sit still for a selfie.


It took two hours Saturday morning to cut the shapes.  It takes longer to remove the pieces from the cutting mat than it does for the machine to cut.  I'm glad I didn't pay more for the faster machine.


I was going to give the pieces to birthday boy's mom to assemble, but after I saw the piles of work that  were created I knew it was going to be more time consuming than either of us expected.  While I knew she would struggle to find that time I have no such struggle, so I finished the project.


The first image is eleven layers thick.  The dimension is great; Elmo is further forward than Big Bird, who is further forward than Cookie Monster.


The second image is seven layers thick.


The completed project:  two signs on foam-core board to hang on each side of the park pavilion, and two double-sided table decorations.


It took an entire day to make these, but it was good practice and the decorations turned out great.  I'll have to cut a couple of smaller ones to give to her for scrapbook embellishments.

So, not counting my time, how did we do on the 'inexpensive' front?  The images were $1.49 each, the words were free.  I had just bought a multi-pack of 100 sheets of cardstock for $10, so at a dime a sheet, there is $2.00 of paper in the project.  I spent $1.00 for the foam core board and fifty cents for a sheet of posterboard I used half of.  Add in a couple of bucks for a glue stick, and the project came in at $8.23.  Not bad at all!  Tiffy can buy me a cherry chicken salad sandwich for lunch today (the Monday special at Ware's) and we'll call it even.  Who would not trade a sandwich for custom made birthday decorations?


when a smart idea turns to yuck

The paint I had color matched to the reading room's wallpaper looks really good in my bedroom.


It looks awful on the bookcase.


I lined up potential candidates for a new paint job.  I'm not looking for a match this time, just something complimentary.


I tried Honeycomb on the top of the niche shelves, it's not bad.  


Another option is to paint them the same blue as the interior trim.  I have to set the room back up and prep some samples.

Sigh....just when I thought I had it all figured out.  Boo.


I finished the niche shelves and added some trim to the big bookcase.  Now I need to prime and paint.


I didn't think to take a before picture of my bedroom until I was in middle of emptying it out.




Honestly, the blue looks better in photographs, but in person the blue was almost blinding and the cookie color is warm and relaxing.

I do have to move the Audubon print back out to the hallway though, I don't like it against the new walls.  I'm not sure about the curtains, either.  Maybe I'll turn the flat sheet that won't stay on my bed into curtains.  Also, the brackets for the houses need to be painted the same color as the walls so they're not so obvious.

Benedict Cumberbeetle looks right smart, though.