Coffee bar progress
when a smart idea turns to yuck


I finished the niche shelves and added some trim to the big bookcase.  Now I need to prime and paint.


I didn't think to take a before picture of my bedroom until I was in middle of emptying it out.




Honestly, the blue looks better in photographs, but in person the blue was almost blinding and the cookie color is warm and relaxing.

I do have to move the Audubon print back out to the hallway though, I don't like it against the new walls.  I'm not sure about the curtains, either.  Maybe I'll turn the flat sheet that won't stay on my bed into curtains.  Also, the brackets for the houses need to be painted the same color as the walls so they're not so obvious.

Benedict Cumberbeetle looks right smart, though.



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Omg, that color is perfect in there!!! I'd throw in some pops of a coral-y red, like maybe painting the Audobon prints frame (I like it against that wall!) or the mirror frame. It's such a soothing color and makes the room look warmer! Love the trims on the mini bookcases, too!


We think alike; I've already picked a red picture in the hallway to swap for the Audubon.

I'm not feeling the mirror frame either. It was black, then I painted it white, now it needs to be black again.


I like that color, makes everything seem cozy.

You could always paint the mirror frame blue to go with the bedspread, or green to match the bed spread and dresser. If you don't want it black again.


How can you sleep comfortably in there when there is a shark circling? ;0P


He's only circling for cuddles. 😍

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