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Ester update

It looked, last Friday and Saturday, as if Ester were getting over her cold.  Sunday she was worse, yesterday she was absolutely much snot she was gagging on it every time she had a sneezing fit.  We took her to her doctor, who diagnosed an upper respiratory infection and prescribed an antibiotic.

All she wants to do is lay on me and rest.  Every time I shift she meows in complaint and gives me the evil eye.  She's very cranky when she's sick. 


She is still eating and drinking as usual; she isn't running a fever, and isn't dehydrated.  The doctor says she should be back to her purry self in a week.


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Poor baby girl!!

Betsy Rogers

Poor kitty! I keep my fingers crossed that she will be back to normal soon. It is so difficult when pets are sick... they don't always tell us until they are very sick. She knows you take care of her.... so she's keeping you close!


Hope she feels better soon!

Nancy Enge

Awwww. Poor kitty. At least it isn't a man cold!


Poor sweetie. And that look is so familiar. Mommy makes her feel better so you can't go anywhere.

Hope she's feeling better soon.


Hello Keli,
I am glad you know what is wrong with her. I hope she feels better soon.
Big hug


Poor little kitty. :[ Sending her well wishes for a speedy recovery!

elizabeth s

it is difficult when our pets are sick and they can't tell you what is wrong with them except look at you with those sad eyes which speak volumes.
Get well soon Ester

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