chickens, eggs, and indecision
2017 eclipse

on hiatus

I'm busy, busy, busy with real-life-size house goings on.

The new windows and doors are being installed next week.

The week after that new flooring is going in every room except my studio and the bathroom.

Next month, I think, or maybe in October, the new roof goes on.

Sometime in the next few weeks the tree guys are coming to remove a large pine and trim all the other trees.  I'd like to have that done before the roofers come.

This past weekend I got all the garden art picked up and put away for the winter, and removed the glass bottle and rusty gears border from my shade garden, as it was under four pines that are getting trimmed.   I don't want the tree guys to get hurt.

Next on my to-do list is to pack up everything in all the rooms of my house except large furniture and the contents of my kitchen cupboards, to stow away in my studio and the garage, so that the flooring guys can do their thing.  I also need to take down all the window treatments for the window guys.

Busy, busy, busy.  I'll see you guys again in a few weeks.

A gratuitous cat picture, to tide you over.  This is Milo, my daughter's newest; I'll tell you his story later.





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Jodi Hippler

Though there is a lot of work involved, I bet you will accomplish all of it gleefully knowing a dream is coming true! Wishing you tons of extra energy and a sequence of smooth installations!

Mad for Mod

How exciting!


New flooring! Oh I'm jealous. It's a pain in the butt now but you'll love it once everything is done. Take pictures and show us befores and afters! We'll miss you.


Hi Keli, What a busy and exciting summer you are having with renovations underway.
No wonder mini things have been put aside.
Hope everything goes smoothly and you will soon be enjoying your new spaces.
Regards Janine


Sending you well wishes for surviving the hustle and bustle! :]


So much work ahead of you!! If you need more room, pack some craft room boxes and send them down to me, and if you need to stick a kitten or two in there, feel free! ;-)

elizabeth s

Have Fun!


Sounds super busy but exciting! Hope it all goes well :)

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