Floor archaeology
renovation update #2

renovation update #1

The new windows and doors didn't get installed last week.  Rain delay.  They're being installed next week.

The flooring is in!  It's beautiful.  My favorite part is that we ran the vinyl all the way from the kitchen to the front door so that we can now carry in groceries without having to step in onto slate, then walk over five feet of carpeting in wet boots to get to the kitchen.


I told them not to put the appliances back when they were done with the flooring since I wanted to strip wallpaper...which is a shit job by the way, in case you've never had the pleasure.  I am kind of regretting not hiring out the stripping and painting, but it's my belief that the renovation will be more appreciated if we have some sweat into it.

This wall needs to be finished today in order to get the stove and refrigerator back in place, then the walls behind the washer and dryer.  From there I can take my time.  I have to strip both the kitchen and the dining room.  The 80's layer is coming off very easily, but the 70's layer is a real pain.  I had thought about leaving the watch-bicycle-fish wallpaper in place in the backsplash areas, then putting a coat of poly over it to protect it, but the paper was damaged on the wall behind the stove.  I suspect it's not going to be in good shape over the sink either.






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LOVE the tile!

Hate wallpaper stripping - I agree that it's the worst!

Barbara W.

Your new flooring looks great! Would it be possible to salvage a piece of the retro '70s wallpaper to shrink for mini projects? (I have lately fallen into the rabbit hole of collecting vintage Tomy and Lundby - oddly compelling colours.)


Love your floors!

And my sympathies on the wallpaper. I think I saw somewhere that fabric softener will help it come off? Mix it with water and spray it on the wallpaper.



That's what I'm using, fabric softener works great.

The 70s wall paper won't come off in pieces I can salvage. I am going to try to keep it as an accent wall behind my laundry machines.

Jodi Hippler

That floor is wonderful! The first time you come in with muddy feet you'll be high fiving each other!
We had a 1909 farmhouse once. That wallpaper, dark blue background with gigantic Victorian roses, would not budge one scrap. We rented the steamer and sliced the crap out of it with no chance of victory. Finally, my brilliant husband mixed up a bucket of Fix-All and water. We rolled that stuff on with texture rollers until we achieve a hard candy shell. Then I painted over it. Ha! Take that wallpaper!


LOL. Jodi, I would love to sit down with you over a long meal with a couple of drinks and listen to you tell renovation war stories.

Jodi Hippler

I'd love that too, Keli! Maybe someday during the Bishop show!

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