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ceiling no-no-no-no-no-nos

I anticipate any pattern on the ceiling is going to be too much in competition with the carpet, but let's take a look.






Huh.  I like that.



Let's try off-white...first a grayish white, then a cream...though in the pictures you probably won't be able to tell the difference...




Better.  It's boring but it works. 

What if I repeat the grid in the carpet on the ceiling?


Yuck.  That was wasted cricut time.


So....stripes or creamy white?  What do you think?


sizes dilemmas

The cricut couldn't cut the word ATLAS small enough to fit on the cover of Nancy's journal.


It did a wonderful job with the lettering for the front door, though.



I found succulents patterned wrapping paper while browsing online, and thought it would be really neat to look over the succulent planted roof, through the windows, and see succulents on the ceiling inside.  I couldn't tell if the picture online was of the whole sheet of wrapping paper or jut a snippet, so I couldn't determine the scale.  I bought it anyway. 


The scale is much too large.


It doesn't really fit the feel of the room anyway.  It's too playful, while the carpet is thoughtfully serious.  Two many conflicting patterns.


I threw a 75% off calendar in the cart, because cheap paper.  It was much larger than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise.  The dimensions are listed online, but I wasn't paying attention.  It's large enough to sprawl out and take a nap on.



You may see the succulent paper show up later, in a more appropriate setting.

Nancy's journals done

I took the last journal in a different direction than the others.  It's the one with the coffee dribbled pages...also I miscounted the bifolia and had to create more.


The little black book stuffed with receipts is where I document all the minis I buy, so I can keep track of which artist made what, and so that when I die my daughter has some idea of how much the stuff is worth.  The receipts are from the 2016 Chicago shows, I'm a bit behind.

I like how the mini version turned out.  I used 1/8" elastic, which is the smallest I could easily find locally.  I added in a few more scraps of paper once I assembled it.


Here are the dozen, all done.  Well, maybe all done, I want to see how small the cricut can cut the word ATLAS from white vinyl.


Gratuitous kitten nom, nom, nom...





Nancy's journals

I finished putting away accessories in the jewelry armoire, leaving out any I thought I would or could use in the current build.  I wanted to play with them inside the library, but can't make a tablescape without the sketchbooks that sparked the vision, so started work on Nancy's sketchbook/journal kit.

There were kit parts for six, plus extra map and gatefold pieces Nancy mailed me.  I stacked enough piles for eleven sketchbooks and one atlas, counting a gatefold page as two bifolia.  Two of the map covers are glued to mint cardstock, the others are stacks of three maps glued together for one cover, to match the thickness of cardstock.  I cut button thread to increase the bookmark count.  Nine will have ephemera pockets, three will not.

One of the journals will have ten bifolia instead of eleven, but I'm using the pages I dripped coffee on, so they won't lay flat anyway.  I was left with one extra map cover, which I folded to put inside an ephemera pocket.

DSCN5013 (2)

The kit instructions are perfect.


It's not super obvious in the picture, but I got a bit of sticky glue finger on the cover of the first one.  I used a bit of pretty paper from Nancy's leftover basket liners to cover it, and then stuck on a big silver N.


I absolutely love it.

The kits are fun, and a bit addictive.  Four down, eight to go.  I may have to buy more.


I just realized I forgot the bookmarks in the last two.  Oh well.

Wallpaper is done

I love the color, it's exactly what I wanted.  


Now I have to figure out where to put how many of which lamps, then redo holes in the floor to run wires.


First I have to clean my studio.  I ran out of room on my work table, overflowed onto the other table, then a rolling cart, then a second rolling cart...by yesterday I had to set up a cutting station on my ironing board.  There are piles on the floor, and stuff stacked in Ester's chair.

I also need to do a bit of reorganization.  My nieces made some artwork for the beach house, but didn't get the drawings to me in time to use there.  I put them away somewhere to use later, and promptly lost them. I remember finding them, accidentally, a couple of months ago, and thinking "well that was a perfectly rational place to have put them", and leaving them there.  I don't remember where there is.  Alivia drew some flowers I'd like to hang in this build, so I need to track them down again.  When I do I am going to put all my mini artwork in one place, and label it.

I have been meaning, for some time, to buy an inexpensive jewelry armoire to categorize and store mini accessories.  Perhaps I'll do that today too, if Husband didn't splurge too much on Record Store Day yesterday.

it's wallpapering day

A couple of months ago I gave up on finding paper for the walls, so bought fabric.  I was in JoAnn's last weekend to buy a glue stick, and unexpectedly found the perfect paper in a clearance bin.  Yes!  It's the exact color I wanted, it's textured, and it's in large sheets, so I don't have to piece the tall section of wall with a vertical seam.  Best of all, I don't have to monkey with fabric.  Happy day!


We have a dresser just inside the front door of our house; it's full of hats, gloves and scarves, mostly.  Every time we open a drawer Ester jumps in, she is fascinated by the empty space behind them.  Last night Husband gave her a treat.


Hmmm, the art is interesting from this perspective.


I know I'm not supposed to be up here, but clearly you offered an invitation.  I'm going to sit right here.  What are you going to do about it?