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Bonus day

I enjoyed my bonus day off waiting for the cable technician who never came.  I cleaned my studio, then messed it up again.

The niche shelves were repainted and glued into place, then I cut trim to edge it, painted the pieces, and set them on my gray cutting mat to dry.  While they were drying I sorted through my scrap wood bin, which was overflowing enough that it didn't fit into its spot on a closet shelf.


Keepers on the right, tossers on the left.  You know where my trim pieces went, don't you.  Yup, in the trash bin.

While the second set of trim pieces dried I sanded the door opening to fit the now painted door.  It fit so snuggly when it finally slid into place that I couldn't get it back out to put glue on it.  I had to glue the door handles on in place, but that went okay.

After the shelf trim was safely glued in place I installed the sconces.  One was broken and I probably should have returned it, but I want to get this corner of the build done so that I can pound in the flat roof and get started on the exterior, so I used it anyway.  One sconce will forever have a burned out bulb.


I glued the faucet in and put some coat hooks up.  I mangled one side of the coat rack, hence the hat.  I've got a fire extinguisher that needed repair which I am fashioning a bracket for.  Once that is hung on the wall I think I'm ready for the flat section of roof to go in.

It seems so little done for an entire day in my studio.  Sigh.

Oh, I think I've fixed my clock problem.  The reason I like it in that particular spot is because it distributes that wood tone evenly around the room.  Moving it on top of the shorter cabinet, which is the same color, doesn't work for me.

I only need it to be a scoosh shorter and further forward, so I carefully pried off the bottom layer of the three layer base.


It works better now.  I may need to take off one more layer, we'll see.  I also dry brushed the bookcase a bit more; it looks better too.




Embracing the yuck

After putting everything back in the room and placing books on the shelves I decided not to change the color of the bookshelves.  I don't love it, and I'm disappointed the color doesn't exactly match the wallpaper, but I don't hate it anymore, and can't think of anything better.  I did dry brush a darker color on to accentuate the detail, but see now I need to do a bit more.


I love this clock in the room, but the shelf isn't tall enough to show it off well.  I wonder if I can remove the top shelf in the center section without making a huge mess.


I can't live with the paint color on the coffee bar shelves, though, I'm going to repaint them.


I know this picture is sideways but I can't fix it right now.  I am blogging on my phone because my internet was shut off.  Apparently there is a "cable tv leak" somewhere in my neighborhood, so the cable company has reduced service levels and is going door-to-door to locate it.  I have to stay home to wait for a technician today.  It's a perfect opportunity to do a bit of clean up in my studio.



when a smart idea turns to yuck

The paint I had color matched to the reading room's wallpaper looks really good in my bedroom.


It looks awful on the bookcase.


I lined up potential candidates for a new paint job.  I'm not looking for a match this time, just something complimentary.


I tried Honeycomb on the top of the niche shelves, it's not bad.  


Another option is to paint them the same blue as the interior trim.  I have to set the room back up and prep some samples.

Sigh....just when I thought I had it all figured out.  Boo.


I finished the niche shelves and added some trim to the big bookcase.  Now I need to prime and paint.


I didn't think to take a before picture of my bedroom until I was in middle of emptying it out.




Honestly, the blue looks better in photographs, but in person the blue was almost blinding and the cookie color is warm and relaxing.

I do have to move the Audubon print back out to the hallway though, I don't like it against the new walls.  I'm not sure about the curtains, either.  Maybe I'll turn the flat sheet that won't stay on my bed into curtains.  Also, the brackets for the houses need to be painted the same color as the walls so they're not so obvious.

Benedict Cumberbeetle looks right smart, though.


Coffee bar progress


The backsplash is fixed.  The sinkhole is fixed.  I found a new faucet in my stash which will work better.  Now I'm working on a shelving unit to inset into the window hole.  I'm not putting a window there, but thought I'd try to use the space instead of plugging it. 

I like the wall color in this build so much that I had a gallon of interior paint custom tinted this week.  I'm going to paint my too-blue bedroom this weekend.  I'll have more than enough left over to either paint totally over the paper on the mini walls, or do touch ups, depending on how exact the color match is.  The test I approved before they colored the gallon is spot on in daylight, but a bit off in artificial light.  We use natural spectrum bulbs in our house, but the lamps in the mini house do not.




coming in the fall, to an etsy near you

But coming even sooner to a mini-house near me...bwah, ha, ha, ha.   My miniaturist potter friend, April, is making me some coffee mugs and a birdbath for the contest build.

Handful mugs

Bb cluster side

Bbath top

I'll let you all know when her etsy shop opens.  For now, you can find her on instagram: aprilwrightpottery, facebook: April Wright, or twitter: April Wright Pottery, where you can see tempting pictures of her other mini pottery.

another water/paper trick and fixing the sink

I tapped the flat roof back out, I have to fix the sink.

I still had the piece I cut out the first time, so glued it back in.  I then drilled a hole for the new sink, a bit smaller and in the right place.


That's a step bit, in case you didn't know.


And...all cleaned up.   See that shiny bit at the bottom?  That's the faucet, I tested to be sure the sink hole was large enough, dropped it, then had to fish it out with a pair of tweezers.


I'm going to be forever dropping stuff down there if I don't stopper the hole.  I couldn't reach in from the bottom, so I cut a circle a bit larger from black paper, threaded a piece of sewing thread through it, put quick tack glue along the edges, bent it enough to fit it sideways down through the hole, then used the thread to pull it up into place, and held it until the glue sufficiently set. Once the glue was completely dry I pulled the thread out, then sealed the whole shebang with gel medium.


To cover the old sink hole I'm going to use another paper and water trick to create a patch.

I cut a square larger than needed from the paper my countertop is covered in.  I wet the edge of the back side, and using my fingernail, scraped away a layer of paper, to thin the edges out.


I did that around all four sides.  The paper is very fibrous, so it didn't work quite as well as I wished it would have.  This is the front of the patch, ready to glue on the countertop.


Let me show you this technique using card stock.

Wet the edge, and use your fingertip to scrub away some of the paper.


Do that around all four sides, then go around again, but only half as far in as you did the first time, to thin the outer edge more.  Also pull at the very edge with your fingernail to tear the edge so that it's not straight.


This is the front side of the completed patch.  It has to dry before it's glued on.   I sped things along with my hair dryer.


I glued the patch on the same cardstock, next to a square, cut, patch.

DSCN5132 (3)

They are both still noticeable, but then, when I do this....


Where'd it go?!?

Obviously, this isn't a technique you'd use patching wallpaper in your living room, but it has appropriate moments.  When I built the mill I covered the exterior in a mottled, yellow, paper, to simulate stucco, and used this technique on the edges so that joins wouldn't be noticeable, but would look like cracks.  You can see it best in this picture.  I used colored pencil to enhance the join on the left side, it's in its natural state on the right.

Moulin paper

So, how did the patch work out on my countertop?


Not bad.  I put the thinner edge at the front, the thicker at the back.  Once I put stuff on the counter you won't even see it.

I still don't like the sink hole, now it's too far back.  I may putter with it some more.


all the things I screwed up today

I screwed up the coffee bar.  First, I glued the paper backsplash to the wall crooked; thankfully that's easily fixable, I can glue another piece over it.  Then I cut the hole for the sink without dry fitting the countertop on the cupboards, so cut it too far forward.  I decided this wasn't too big a deal, since the coffee bar won't be seen head on, so put a black piece of paper on the bottom on the counter instead of a bowl for a proper sink.  I glued the countertop in place, but was so distracted by the sink hole that I didn't notice, until after the glue dried, that I don't like the sink where it is, that it would look better over the other cupboard door.  That's fixable too, maybe, if I haven't screwed up the chance (read on).


You noticed the crooked wall.  As I said, read on.

I papered the ceiling of the main room.  That was difficult, because the roll of wallpaper didn't want to lie flat.  I managed it okay, it's not perfect, but it's only imperfect in a couple of spots that will be noticeable only to myself.


Then I attempted to slide the flat roof piece into place, which I've done successfully since I glued the top wall piece into place, but not in the last few weeks.  I've kept trying it, daily, thinking it may be humidity, but finally accepted it wasn't going to work.  I spent over an hour sanding it thinner, trying to fit it, sanding, fitting, sanding, fitting, sanding, fitting, sanding fitting...


When it was almost there I got frustrated and whacked it into place with a mallet.


This impatience cost me, of course. I screwed up the wallpaper and knocked a wall askew.




Now I have to decide if I want to whack the flat roof back out again, so I can fit my drill in to boar a new sink hole, or if I should leave well enough alone, live with the sink as it is, and not risk damaging things further.

I should have listened to Ester this morning when she asked me not to leave the recliner.