personal news and new build update

First, some personal news:  My employer has been acquired by another company, my department (accounting) is redundant and will be eliminated after a transition period.  My employment will end on the last day of October.  If I work through that date I will get a small severance and outsourcing services.

This is not a surprise, the sale has been underway for a year, I was expecting termination.  The not knowing for sure, or when, has been stressful.  I am relieved now to have direction, even if the direction is difficult.

Now that you are informed my next statement will be sensible.  I would like to complete this year's contest kit solely from my stash, and not spend money on supplies unless they are absolutely necessary (I'm low on white paint). 


Yesterday I started construction while I pondered finishes.  I disassembled, cut down, then reassembled the bathroom window to be narrower, made a triangle vent for the front gable, a bathroom door, and the bathroom walls and ceiling.

Paints from my stash have been selected to match the KELI buttons, that was easy.  I pulled out a few flooring options for the bathroom, but am stuck on fabric choices.  I need to select sofa upholstery, throw pillows, an area rug or two, and bedding.  Ugh.  I need to go through my stash again.

I am still contemplating flooring for the main area, and kitchen cabinet finishes.  Once I have the fabrics selected I'll know whether to go light or dark with those.

Facade modification progress


 I must say, I am pleased with myself, the construction went off without a hitch.

The width of the wood trim on the triangle window is exactly the same as the other windows but looks thicker due to its shape and size.  I will most likely trim it down.

I am unsure yet if I will use, on the uppermost gable, the vent that came with the kit, if I will eliminate it, or if I will make a triangular one.  I am leaning toward making a triangular version.

I opted to not make the gable magnetically removable, since the hole isn't big enough to fit my hand in.


A close up of my scratch built window...


From the side.....the new peak was supposed to be equidistant from the other two, but did not end up that way.  Oh well.


From the inside...


 Susan's gratuitous cat picture...


Side note:  Ester does not like a zurbert.

I am going to be out of town part of next week on business.  I'll see you all, so to speak, when I get back.

Facade modification

While I do like, overall, the front facade of this year's kit, I find the roof acreage overpowering. 


My thought, in the weeks leading up to its arrival, was that I would pull the right front wall forward. 


Now that I have examined the construction I know that in order to move the front wall I would have to cut all new roof pieces and lengthen the roof support beam.  Ugh. 


I decided it wasn't worth the monkeying around, so would leave the facade as is.  The problem kept tumbling around in my noggin until I arrived at a simple, reasonable, solution.


I'll add a dormer. I only have to modify one roof piece to do that, and another window will let more light in the loft.

I quickly mocked up a foam-core dormer.  Hmm... Will the ready-made dormer from HBS work?  I checked the dimensions online, thought it was a bit too large, but maybe....

Sheila to the rescue, she has that ready-made dormer and was happy to test it for me.


I was right, it's too large, I'll have to construct my own.  I just have to decide on the size.  My first mock-up was too big, this may be too small, but it's better.  I bet somewhere in between will be just right.


Oh!  What if I make it removable, for loft access?  Hmm....


2018 Creatin' Contest

The kit arrived Thursday.   It's roomier than I thought it would be.   The dimensions are listed on the website, but I've got to see them with mine own eyes.

With the kit in dry fit I rearranged furniture until I came up with a plan that sparked my interest.  Then my daughter came over and rearranged furniture until she came up with a plan that sparked my interest. Damn.  Two plans.   Equally interesting.

This morning I took both plans to the home of my wisest advisors.  My dad liked both plans equally.   My mom made observations I hadn't considered.  My plan was revised. I now have a course of action.


This is my daughter's plan.  It's good.  If you want to use it feel free, she'd be delighted.




garden update

There is not much of an update, I've been down with THE flu the last couple of weeks.  I'm feeling much better, though not quite myself yet.

I planted a corner of muskmelons.  The melons have been floating around my studio for a couple of years, I picked them up off the sidewalk at work, they fall off the oak trees in the spring...I assume they are baby acorns.  I used a seed packet Brae gave me as a label, I cut a slit in the bottom to insert a toothpick.


I then went on a frenzied search for the plant stakes Kat sent me.  It took me a week to find them.  I want to make plants to match the labels, so didn't want to progress without them...not that anyone will be able to read the labels since the font is so small, but I don't feel good and lack direction, and the stakes give me direction.


Sunflowers.  Okay, I've got a Bonnie Lavish kit for those that someone, don't remember who, gave me.  Maybe I pulled it out of a share box that was circulating a few years ago.


Ha!  This is why I stopped planting sunflowers in my real garden, they turn their faces to the neighbor.  Really though, this angle is looking from the back side of the garden, the sunflowers are facing forward.  I wanted to see the stake in this picture, which makes me think that I should save them for potted plants set at the front of projects, so the stakes can be read, or perhaps for the waiting-to-be-built half-scale bungalow.

(The tall plastic plants in the bottom right corner....Kat gave me those too.)

While I think about stakes and plants I'll busy myself with the rest of the fence, which I'm making from some metal trim stuff that Susan gave me.  I cut some posts from dowel this morning, dipped them in weathering stuff, and will see how they look tonight.


I keep saying "gave me, gave me, gave me"....this is turning into quite a community garden, so to speak.  So far Elizabeth, Kat, Brae, Jodi, and Susan have contributed.  I enjoy being part of our little community.

Ester says "enough with the camera already" "Hi!".