a bazillion echeveria - canceled

I was getting something off the top shelf of my bookcase today when I took a good look at the dusty mess that is the flower garden of the Michigan Lake Cottage.  It is a pain to clean without damaging it.  Why would I do that to myself again?


The planted roof on this kit will be plastic, and removable, so that I can take it off the top of the house and spray it clean in the shower.  I've got almost enough plants already.


I shall reclaim my dining room and move back to my studio to start on the build.



a bazillion echeveria - day twenty-four

Batch done...


I like these, I need to make more, but they're hand colored so they take longer...


I had fun with these, but ran out of purple paper...


This shape didn't work for me, so I stopped after the first five, then used the rest of the colored-edge shapes to super-size them...


I'm not sure about the snowflake shape on the current batch, it's a little weird, but it will add variety to the grouping...


my office is staffed by druggies...and new stuffs

"This Mucinex is the best man!", "Have you tried Alka Seltzer Cold and Flu?",  "I'm hooked on Sudafed Pain & Pressure", "I've been taking zinc, it seems to help, I don't know",  "Do you still have some Emergen-C?",  "This menthol-camphor salve has essential oils....take a snort of this."  "Can somebody hook me up with an antihistamine?"

I'm sick again.  The whole office is sick again.  I swear we've been passing the same, mutating, virus around all winter.  It was proposed yesterday that we leave the telecom business and go to work for Kleenex.  Maybe there is a medical research team that needs bulk quantities of snot, we'd be perfect suppliers.

So....when you don't feel well enough to build, you buy, right? 

Lighting for the contest build.  I am going to, for the first time (gasp!), use actual dollhouse lighting and not make my own from LEDs.


A toilet and sink...plastic, you paint the underside whatever color you want.  I'll let you know how they turn out.


Bunches of cheap grapes that aren't realistic grapes but I think will make nice succulents.....and a can of Pringles, because Pringles are my weakness.  I can never have too many Pringles.  Speaking of...remember when a can costs 99 cents?  You know what 99 cents gets you now?  A midget can...an on sale midget can.   I understand price increases due to inflation, but c'mon!  Don't midgetize my Pringles!


Nevermind my rant, it's the pills talking.

Kat, lovely, lovely Kat, mailed me a goodie box.  Bits and bobs and gorgeous hand stitched petit point pillows.  Look at those perfect wee stitches, it's craziness!



Thank you so much, Kat.  I have retaliation a thank you gift planned.  I've got a little something for Miss Kitty, too.

And...I finally won an ebay auction for a cat!


He's a Birman, made by ewelina.  I usually bow out of the auctions when they hit $125 or $150, but managed to snag this beauty for just under $100.    Honestly, I think the legs are a bit weird, I may attempt modification.  I love his little face though, and his colors, and his big fluffy tail.  He's dreamy.

I'm off to soak in a bathtub full of menthol bubbles in hopes that I might be able to breathe out of my nose for a little bit.  I'll give you a bazillion echeveria update this weekend.





working on the bed



I sewed the pillows yesterday, while watching reruns of Archer, now I have to make pillowcases.  I don't think you can tell in the pictures, but in person, the white of the pillows is not as bright a white as that of the spread and in the headboard fabric, making the pillows look dingy.  I will not make white pillowcases now, as I had planned.  Besides, now that I'm far enough along to see them in place, I think it's plain.


I think I'll cover one pair in white fur and the second in gold fabric (I got it out of the remnants bin today, Susan, I couldn't find cheap gold Valentine's panties.)  Or do I want to cover one pair in the patterned, the second in fur, and make a gold throw pillow?   Hmmm.


a bazillion echeveria - day two


I spent a few hours yesterday and this morning making my hands sore with punches.  I knew the markers Nancy raved about were going to arrive today, and I wanted to have shapes ready to color.  They did arrive, but were sitting in a box on my porch all afternoon.  It's a whole 14°F here...feels like 1°F with the wind chill factored in.  Sigh.  I feel I need to let them come up to room temperature before I start to play.

starting on the bed

I started making the bed first, since it's the largest piece of furniture in the room.  It doesn't look like much yet, but it will be luxurious (hopefully) once the base and pillows are on.  I have to sew pillows next.  Ugh.  Sewing.  Boo.  It will be nice to get it over with, though, so I don't have it on the to-do list to dread.


Giving thought to the parts of the build I dread makes me wonder what else I can do in the beginning, when my motivation and creativity are in high gear.  I can't think of anything else, at the moment, that I dread, but I can see the tedium of making a bazillion echeveria.  I'm going to set up an echeveria station on a tray, at the dining room table, and devote an hour a day to them, so that when it comes time to plant the roof I'll be ready, or at least have a good start.