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upholstery and tablescape

I reupholstered an old green "velvet" chair this morning.

DSCN5507 (2)

I finished the sides and back in black leather.

DSCN5505 (2)

Now I'm working on the layout for the center table.  It's hard to find a good balance between not enough and too much.  I need to make some colored pencils, but we don't have the right size pasta in the pantry, so I'll have to go to the store.

DSCN5503 (2)

Folios and journals


I filled the smaller cabinet with folios, and stuffed one to put on the table.   Once that was done I made up the rest of the journal kits I had on hand.  (Folio and journal kits by Nancy Enge.)

My Nancy box is almost empty now.  I'm left with an echeveria and a yucca kit.

I don't want to permanently place the journals on the bookshelf because I want to play with them later.  I put in an order for enough of Nancy's vertical file holder kits to house them; those I will tape down to the shelves.

The remaining books Susan made have been shelved.  Now I know how much space I have to fill, so it's back to bookmaking.


 Just a thought, Nancy....your journals only fit on the top shelf.  Would you consider a scaled down version to fit the other, inch high, shelves?


Book progress


I filled  the rare book cabinet with books that Susan made and sent me and still have a bunch left over for the big book case.  The smaller cabinet has shorter shelves so I'm going to have to make most of those.   I've made so many books already this week that I need a little break so I pulled my Nancy box down off the shelf. I'm going to play with journals and whatnot today.


Back in my studio

There is one month to go until the Creatin' Contest deadline. My husband thought it would be a real shame if, after all the work I put in earlier in the year, I didn't enter the contest. I agreed, but mostly I need a break from stripping wallpaper. I put the home reno on hold for now and have cleaned up my studio enough to get in there to work. I am going to do a hard push this month to see if I can get it finished.  Right now I'm busy making a billion little teeny tiny books.


chickens, eggs, and indecision

Before I forget...Ester is doing much better.  :)

I have been busy enjoying our short summer season, so haven't worked on the build as much as needed to stay on schedule.  If I want to photograph it outside while the trees are still green I've got to have it done by the end of September, at the latest.  I don't see that happening.

A good decision then is to finish the exterior first, photograph it, then make books and whatnot to complete the interior during autumn.  I can prop scenic pictures outside the windows for a backdrop in order to shoot the interior photos inside my studio.

Before I can put on the exterior siding I have to finish the wiring.  I had intended for all the wires to run in the empty foundation space under the floor, and had pre-drilled holes for that purpose before I glued the carpeting in.  Since I changed the build from a hotel room to a library none of the pre-drilled holes are in the right positions so can't be used.  Since the carpeting is glued in I will need the wires through holes in the walls, down the exterior wall, and back through to the inside foundation area.

Before I can finish the wiring I have to make a firm decision on furniture placement.

DSCN5325 (2)

I played around with it most of the day yesterday, this is where I'm going to leave it.  I'm not absolutely positive I won't change out a chair or two later, but that won't impact the lamp placement.  I had a difficult time deciding on the addition of the filing cabinets.  I had envisioned a table there, but didn't have a table the right height; the cabinets are the right height, they're already in my stash, and I can't imagine what else I'd use them for.  They make the white seated chair look crowded in that corner, so it may change places with the chair in the corner opposite, which may mean it will be reupholstered, depending on the layout of colors around the room.  Sigh. 

The furniture placement left me with a problem.  I very much like the lamp on the center table, but having it there means I need to run the wiring through the pedestal of the table, through the carpet, into the foundation.  I can't drill a hole through upholstery fabric without unraveling it into a giant mess.  I scrubbed some glue into the fabric in that spot, once it dries I'm going to use my wood burning tool to carefully burn a hole through the fabric, then drill down.  Wish me luck.

While I was playing with the lighting yesterday I made a lamp.  The top harp/bulb/shade are from Charlene's inherited minis, it just needed a base.  I had a couple of brass finials in my stash, I cut the threads off the tallest one, then drilled a hole through it.  I still need to make a groove in the base for the wires to exit.


I may or may not work on the wiring today; my husband has the day off and it's beautiful outside.


I dry fit the double-hung windows on the side of the house, then glued all the windows in place, assuming they'd all be the same depth.


They are not. 



I should have dry fit all of them, so that I could make alterations before I glued them in place.  Now I'll have to add to the depth with them in place.  Ugh.

I am mostly irked at myself for rushing, but am also a little irked at the manufacturer for the inconsistency.

While I'm contemplating a plan of action to adjust the windows I'm working on the closet door.  It's coming along nicely.