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the pub, day five

Apparently when my husband mentioned covering the bar in leather he meant the front of the bar, not the top of the bar, which is the picture that popped into my head.  I've seen bars with leather fronts, so his idea admittedly makes a lot more sense than mine...I don't understand how I misconstrued him.  Then I wondered if you all knew what he meant and were misunderstanding me when I said I was going to cover the bar in leather, as I wasn't specific in my description...so, to clarify, what I am going to still do, because I like the idea even if it doesn't make sense, is cover the top of the bar in leather...the part where you sit your drinks.


I didn't get a lot done last night, all I managed was to cut some cove trim for the front part of the bar.  I like the contrast of the trim being a different color, so won't stain it the same shade as the rest of the wood.  Since my corners aren't perfect I'll more than likely either stain it black or paint it a dark color...maybe a dark green.


You know, now that I think about it, I could put leather in the rectangles on the front of the bar, then mount the cove trim on top of that...hmm, leather would be too thick, perhaps a suede or leather finish paper...something to think about.

The reason I didn't get much done on the bar was because I had to destinkify Wakefield, he gets lazy and grubby during the winter.  He didn't like it but complied like a complete gentleman.

Awww, the poor wet kitty...it took half an hour and a handful of kitty treats for him to forgive me.

the pub, day four

Lots of gluing yesterday...


The piece standing up is the base of the back-bar, the two lying down are the base  and top of the bar, and the bases of the stools are under the tape in the jig.

Oh...let me do something....

Here we are...here's a picture of what's done, put in place inside the box....

I didn't measure correctly, so the base of the back-bar is taller than I intended.  I'm not sure if I'm going to shorten it yet, I'm going to see what it looks like with the shelves above it in place...if the top shelf is too high on the back wall the base will need to be shortened.

So...I definitely need to cover the bar in leather to break up the wood.  There is unquestionably no room for people.  The front of the bar is too plain.  I need to darken the color of the stools.  Do you see anything else?

the pub, day three

Melinda asked yesterday "How are you envisioning this? All clean and ready for business? Or at the end of the night when everyone's gone with ringed napkins on the bar?"

My answer is that I'm not sure yet, because I keep second guessing myself.  I bought some half full glasses because I was going to have the bar in use, early in the evening, before it gets too filthy...then I thought it would be odd to have half full glasses without people.  I'd like to add this guy sitting at the bar and this guy standing behind it, but I don't think there's room...the box is only 3 1/2" deep and I'm filling most of that with the bar itself.

These are my inspiration pictures, though these were all obviously taken before the bars opened for the day.




The paneling on the wall in the last picture is neat.  I was going to replicate it, but I decided to leave the side walls black, since I'm making a portion of a room instead of a whole room...I want to make a bar, not a closet, and I think if I leave the side walls black it leaves the possibility of there being more of the room off to the sides.


I accomplished a fair amount yesterday...more cutting, staining and gluing.


When Matt popped his head in my studio last night he said something about my having enough leather to cover the bar.  I was planning to cover the seats of the bar stools in leather, but I hadn't thought of covering the bar.  What do you think?  Is that odd?  I've never seen a leather bar, but that doesn't mean they don't exist...it sure would add some nice texture.

DSCF0006 I should have numbered these before I took the picture...lets call the tan suede at the top number one, then work clockwise from there.

I picked out the tan suede (#1) for the bar stools.  I'm thinking either the blue leather (#3) or the brown left of it (#4) for the bar...if I decide to put leather on the bar.  The blue would add some nice color to a box filled with black walls and a lot of brown wood...but I like how the brown fits the coloring of the exterior of the box.  What do you guys like?

p.s.  Don't google "leather bar", apparently it means something entirely different.

the pub, day two

I didn't get as much done as I expected to, my honey was lonely so I accompanied him when he did his shopping yesterday.


I started by putting away all the odds and ends for the Fairfield, then cleaning my worktable off.  I took my saw out, got it ready to use, found the wood I needed, then got to work.

Pieces to make the stools have been cut and stained, as have some of the pieces to make the back counter.  I also got the floor ready to install.  I'm using cork as flooring in this piece...I gave it two coats of tung oil finish to bring out the color and protect it...though I may give it another coat or two before I glue it inside the box since the cork is, as you would expect, really drinking in the finish.


the pub, day one

Yesterday was spent planning...sketching, measuring, calculating, and shopping. 

This is what I'm thinking...

I'm going to repeat the shape of the four rectangular windows by flipping the rectangles vertically to be the sides of the shelves in the back of the bar...there will be a counter and stools in front of the shelves, so I'll continue the line of the sides of the rectangles down into the body of the counter.  Did that make sense?  It's hard to explain the picture I've created in my  mind, especially when I don't have the counter and stools in the sketch.

DSCF0003  DSCF0004

I placed orders with three shops for glasses and bottles and such.  A couple of the stores had measurements for the height of the bottles, so I knew how tall to design the shelves.   I guessed on the width of the bottles in order to determine how many to buy to fill the shelves, then bought a few extra just in case. 

It took me quite a while to find what I purchased...most (budget level) bottles sell for $2.50 each, on average, and I calculated that I would need a minimum of 56 bottles, which would make this quite an expensive project.  I searched until I found unlabeled bottle blanks for less than $0.90 each and a fairly inexpensive printed sheet of bottle labels that will need to be cut out and applied to the bottles.  I'm not sure I got enough labels to go with the bottles, as I couldn't expand the picture of the printout enough to read the text on the labels, so I may have to make some on my own.



There's not enough room in the bathroom to put the toilet where I want to if I use a standard toilet, so I bought a toilet without a tank instead, planning to build a tank to hang high on the wall behind it.

I did a little research, because I wasn't sure what size to make the tank in comparison to the toilet.  I had pictured in my head the only style of high tank toilet I've ever seen, which is an American style (pictured left).  On bathsfromthepast.com I discovered a British style (pictured right), which is much more interesting.

61bescohightank__71273_zoom   D9_3__61159_zoom

My brain immediately sifted through everything I've got in my miniatures stash to piece together some metal shelf brackets, a metal breadbox, and wire for pipes (simulated in my picture by a toothpick).  I assembled it on my worktable, then flipped the breadbox upside down, so that I can run the pipe up inside of it and don't have to worry about how it looks where it attaches to the tank.

The word on the breadbox won't be readable from the angle it will be seen at, I'll grind the handles off the side and top, and add a flush pull.  What do you think?



Next idea...

Glenmorangie_Lasanta__gb My husband loves the liquor/drinking glass combos that are in the stores at Christmas time.  This Christmas he bought himself a Glenmorangie Lasanta scotch set.  He brought the empty box back to my studio to present to me, showing off the magnetic side closure and front windows, with the thought that I might want to use it.  He's such a thoughtful husband :) 

I immediately pictured a pub inside it, so put the box on top of my bookshelf until I have time to work on it.  Coincidentally, there were two emails in my in-box this week from dollhouse shops who are having room box contests.  Perhaps now is the time?