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I've decided on an interior layout.  I'm not going to show you just yet.

With that done, I dug into my basket of fabric to lay out possible color schemes.  Carpet, bedding (white), curtains, and chair.


I picked one, then second guessed myself all week in favor of another.  When I looked at this picture again this morning I knew my first choice was the right one.

There are not enough pieces of the same paper in my stash for wall covering, though I did pick one for bathroom tiles, so I'm off with my fabric swatches to Michael's today, to spend the gift certificate my brother gave me for Christmas.



Ester has moved from the seat of my her recliner to the top.  I thought it meant I could sit in it again; that we could share.  I was mistaken.  Instead she places her back feet in the center of my head and pushes.

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I'm still alive

I got over the flu, felt better for two or three days, then it came back with a vengeance.  I've been working from home the last few days instead of going to the office.  I'm feeling better again now.  Thanks for all the well wishes.

The next contest kit arrives tomorrow, and I'm not ready for it, my studio is a mess and I've been too under the weather to clean it.  I've got motivation now, though.

Thanks to Bridget, who sent a belated Christmas present.  The artists got a box fan to help them stay cool, and Ester got some catnip, which I couldn't unpack fast enough to suit her.


A blurry picture of Ester, high on the nip...


An in-focus picture, taken a few minutes ago...


She says thank you, she loves her present :)



Susan's Halloween present done

 More specimen plants under glass...


Taxidermy songbirds (birds by Barbara Meyer)...



I could keep going, and I probably will, I want to make some books for her zillion bookcases, but since it's November already it's past time to pack up and mail Susan's October box....just need to run to the grocery for a big bag of dried cherries...and maybe to Kilwin's for some fudge.

Since I couldn't come up with anything Halloweenish this year I made stuff for Susan's mini botanist's mini study and/or her mini conservatory....


Oh, I never showed you guys the journal....


Ester says "BOO!"



trailer done, landscaping started

The trailer is finished, it is being inspected today.


Husband cut a piece of wood for the base.  I put feet on, then coated it with some horrid water based stain I can't use for anything nice.  Now it's play time. :D

It didn't take long to discover that I have to go to the beach today to sift more rocks out of the sand.  Heartbreaking, isn't it?  Don't you feel sorry for me?  ;)


Notice the cement blocks?  They are the reason I built the trailer.  Not because I wanted a tiny house, but because I bought these super cool cement blocks a while ago, then couldn't figure out what to do with them.

Now...where's my bikini?  The sun is coming out.

a bit of progress on the contest kit

I got the porch assemblies glued back together, then stained and sanded the windows and doors.  I see I need a second coat of stain in some spots.


I finalized my plan for the exterior finish, painted the porch floor, then used a package of exacto knife blades cutting strips of matboard so I wouldn't have to spend money on strips of wood. 


Then I went through my stash of paint, ruling out the dozen bottles of gray I already have as not quite right, so I walked over to JoAnne's for new paint.  I bought two options, I'll have to paint out sample cards to see which I like better.

Susan's gratuitous cat picture, from Kate...