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building furniture smarter

I build furniture more quickly than I used to.  Not because I do it faster, but because I do it smarter. 

Yesterday I made three modern tables....


A dresser/desk combo....


And a kitchen unit...minus the countertop and sink, I'm not going to cut the countertop until the alcove the unit sits in has been built, when I know the exact length it needs to be.


All the pieces have faux doors and drawers, as I don't require that any need to open.  In fact, the fridge is just a front, since that's all that will be seen.  I just have to remember to paint black the alcove it will sit it.


Before I would have cut rectangles of wood for door and drawers, then glue them onto another piece of wood.  This time I lowered the blade of my table saw to half the depth of the wood then cut grooves in it.  Whizz bang boom, drawers and doors.  I also cut a groove down the back of each of the side tables, to run lamp wires in.


I used to smear glue all over then wipe away the excess, now I put on just enough; it holds better and the dry time is significantly decreased.  I use good clamps now, as well.  Clamping is crucial for a strong join.  Oh!  And a nice square gluing jig.  Tools are wonderful.  I wish I had invested in the proper tools earlier, instead of accumulating a stash of cute "I'll use that some day" minis, most of which are still waiting.

Speaking of cute...


color scheme scheming

I went shopping yesterday.  Michael's, Pet Smart, and JoAnne's.  I hate shopping.  Pet Smart was the worst...crowded...horrible, twangy, too loud country music...and some small horse that looked like a cross between a Standard Poodle and a St. Bernard thrust it's entire snout in my crotch, from behind, and almost knocked me over.  I have got to start ordering cat food online.

All the paper at both Michael's and JoAnne's was looked over at least twice.  Also stick-on vinyl sheets, wrapping paper, etc.  I didn't find anything I liked.   There used to be a proper art supply store downtown, with large sheets of artist's papers.  The big chain stores put it out of business years ago.  I miss it dearly.  One cannot purchase a just-right shade and texture of paper without seeing it in person.

Once paper was made an impossibility I wandered over to the fabric section.  Too many choices!  I spent an unreasonable amount of time examining the three dozen almost-the-same-shades of light tan before I shook my head to clear the cobwebs and just picked one already.  I'm going to cover the walls with fabric this year.  I also picked out a patterned fabric for the chair....or rather, it picked me...I was walking past the patterns to get to the solids when it stopped me in my tracks.

DSCN4610 (2)

These are this year's colors.  Thalo Blue and natural wood for the exterior.  Deep blues and browns for the interior, with white, tan, and small shots of gold.  The roll of paper at the top of the picture is from my stash, it was one of the contenders for the floor in the beach house, it will become bathroom tiles in this build.


I am going to turn the house to move the front entry to the side, and change the placement of all the windows.  This makes the overall proportions a bit awkward for my needs, so I'm going to cut at least two inches from the depth of the structure.  While I appreciate that grooves make a nice, tight fitting build, it doesn't make it easy to alter (is that the point?).  Thankfully, I have my fabulous little table saw, so can recreate the edge of the walls.

The best course of action for this build, I've decided, is to make and fit the furnishings first, before I make irreversible alterations to the structure.   I'll leave the build in dry fit for quite some time, I expect.

DSCN4622 (2)

The flat section of the roof will be a succulent covered green roof.  I've estimated I'll need to make a bazillion paper echeveria.  But then I found these at Michael's yesterday.  They may be a bit big, but I can remove the bottom row or two of leaves if necessary.  They will add some variety in plant size and thickness to the roof, and will reduce my labor.


I'll close with a gratuitous picture of a fuzzy round ball.





I've decided on an interior layout.  I'm not going to show you just yet.

With that done, I dug into my basket of fabric to lay out possible color schemes.  Carpet, bedding (white), curtains, and chair.


I picked one, then second guessed myself all week in favor of another.  When I looked at this picture again this morning I knew my first choice was the right one.

There are not enough pieces of the same paper in my stash for wall covering, though I did pick one for bathroom tiles, so I'm off with my fabric swatches to Michael's today, to spend the gift certificate my brother gave me for Christmas.



Ester has moved from the seat of my her recliner to the top.  I thought it meant I could sit in it again; that we could share.  I was mistaken.  Instead she places her back feet in the center of my head and pushes.

  20170201_192916 20170201_192930 20170201_192916 20170201_192930 20170201_192916







I'm still alive

I got over the flu, felt better for two or three days, then it came back with a vengeance.  I've been working from home the last few days instead of going to the office.  I'm feeling better again now.  Thanks for all the well wishes.

The next contest kit arrives tomorrow, and I'm not ready for it, my studio is a mess and I've been too under the weather to clean it.  I've got motivation now, though.

Thanks to Bridget, who sent a belated Christmas present.  The artists got a box fan to help them stay cool, and Ester got some catnip, which I couldn't unpack fast enough to suit her.


A blurry picture of Ester, high on the nip...


An in-focus picture, taken a few minutes ago...


She says thank you, she loves her present :)



Susan's Halloween present done

 More specimen plants under glass...


Taxidermy songbirds (birds by Barbara Meyer)...



I could keep going, and I probably will, I want to make some books for her zillion bookcases, but since it's November already it's past time to pack up and mail Susan's October box....just need to run to the grocery for a big bag of dried cherries...and maybe to Kilwin's for some fudge.

Since I couldn't come up with anything Halloweenish this year I made stuff for Susan's mini botanist's mini study and/or her mini conservatory....


Oh, I never showed you guys the journal....


Ester says "BOO!"



trailer done, landscaping started

The trailer is finished, it is being inspected today.


Husband cut a piece of wood for the base.  I put feet on, then coated it with some horrid water based stain I can't use for anything nice.  Now it's play time. :D

It didn't take long to discover that I have to go to the beach today to sift more rocks out of the sand.  Heartbreaking, isn't it?  Don't you feel sorry for me?  ;)


Notice the cement blocks?  They are the reason I built the trailer.  Not because I wanted a tiny house, but because I bought these super cool cement blocks a while ago, then couldn't figure out what to do with them.

Now...where's my bikini?  The sun is coming out.