Townhouse plans

I am giving up on contest builds.  I just don’t have the room.  I’ve disassembled most that I’ve built, and put the ocean themed builds into storage.  

I’ve decided to build a series of roomboxes sized to fit an existing shelving unit, that will become a large townhouse.  This will be my final (probably?) build, which I can play in, collect in, etc…


I wanted to build each room the same size, so I could rearrange them at will, but after taking measurements, have decided on three rooms per story, which can be subdivided, and two low-ceilinged stories per shelf.  The rooms making the front of the townhouse are sized differently than the ones behind, and will have an exterior facade.  The rooms behind will be open to each side.



The contest kit is finished

I completed the sign, after several attempts to get the lettering right, then crafted a bracket and hung it.  I am finished!




I need to take pictures with a proper backdrop for the submission, but I'm taking a break to just PLAY first.  Thanksgiving (which also happens to be my 50th birthday) is in a couple of days, I’ve got a few days off work, and I intend to enjoy myself.

The English Cottage Kitchen got a good much dust... then after a much deserved break the crew started hauling in groceries.




How many are they expecting for dinner?!?