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that'll do

more flooring

DSCF0004 The hardwood floors for the upstairs hallway and library have been laid...they need to be sanded and stained yet. 

I cut and papered a piece of balsa for the bathroom needs to be sealed yet.

The faux parquet floor for the foyer is coming original pattern had a smaller octagon inside the big one, but I didn't cut it into the floor because I wasn't sure how difficult it would be to stain different areas different colors.  I figured it would be easier to add more detail later, and impossible to take away detail, so I started simply.  I don't like the pattern without that second can't even tell there is an octagon the way it looks now, it looks like just diamonds...and it wasn't hard to keep the stain in separate spaces as long as I was I'm going to add the second octagon.


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Wow - I opened the picture and think it looks really good - I don't see octagons, though...

Can't wait to see it with the second shape inside.
Are you going to carve another octagon inside of each, or cut them out of something and glue them in?

Love the Etsy links - I want a pirate bed now! Arrrrr!
And I almost ordered the lampwork bead... am too broke till payday now. Two things I just don't think I could ever make well - lampwork and soap, but I found a really good soap seller on Artfire and Betsy Etsy for lampwork.


Arrr, tis' exactly me point, ye can't see the octagons...just the diamonds in the empty space b'tween em.

I'm plannin' ter carve in the other octagons and use a third color (mahogany) of stain for em.


Are you a good Caribbean pirate or a bad Somalian pirate?

I think that if you outline the octagon (dang it, now I'm thinking of Octomom again - ugh!) shapes more/as strongly than the triangles, it would pop the shape out - the triangles look like they have a heavier outline.


Okay, I gotta say that I just got another Betsy Etsy order and the last two have had a little Dove chocolate in them that, by the time it gets to me in this 80 degree weather, is just a little piece of heaven!
Betsy Etsy could be trying to poison me, but I would still pop it in my mouth, and will have to now order more beads just for the chocolate...
I know I could go buy a whole bag of Dove chocolates for less than the cost of one Betsy Etsy bead, but these taste better.


Because they're "free".

Keli chocolate be treasure!

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