that'll do

second fauxquet floor

DSCF0001 It didn't turn out any better or any worse than the first one.

When I first put it in the room I hated it...too matchy-matchy.  This morning, looking at the picture, I don't hate it, but think I should have lined the patterns up so that the floor flows right up into the know, if you're going to matchy-matchy, do it right.

I think I'll probably end up using the first floor.  What do you guys think?


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The more I look at these pictures, the more I like the first floor...the smaller pattern makes the room look deeper.


I like yesterday's floor quite a bit better, but can't put my finger on why...
Maybe the squares instead of triangles between the octagons make it too bland and don't break up the patterns.

Love that nautilus necklace you have over in the Etsy column, too!

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