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I've decided

Since I like equally the look of either blue trim or ivory trim, I made a decision based on practicality of installation, instead of appearance.  I'm going to paint the trim blue so that I can adhere it to the house before I paint it. 

I can take a piece off, glue it on, tape it in place while it dries, then take the next piece off, glue it, etc...  If I were to paint it ivory I'd have to take all the pieces off and label them, so I know where they belong, before I could paint them.  Then once they were dry I'd have to figure out where they go....then, after they were on the house, I'd have to do some careful touch-up sanding and painting.

If I don't get a trim piece glued on exactly right I can hide the mistake with blue paint.  I can't do that if I have to maintain a crisp line between the ivory trim and the blue siding.  Also, any of the white adhesive that oozes out from under the trim can be painted blue so it will blend away.

The corners are bound to be the part of the house that is going to get dinged.  Touch ups will be much easier if the trim is the same color as the house.

Blue will be easier.

I AM a big whiney baby

DSCF0001Because it wasn't hard to cut the trim at all.  It's 3:00 on the first afternoon of my three day weekend, and I'm already done.

Now I've got to paint then adhere the trim.  I was planning on painting the trim the same ivory color as the windows, but now I think I might paint it blue.  It's all a matter of whether I want the trim to stand out or blend away...which do I want though?

What do you guys think? 

Shoot...looking at the pictures I realized I haven't cut the trim for the bay window panels yet....and I thought I was done...grumble, grumble, grumble.


neener neener house trim...

...I've got something else to do instead.

DSCF0001We were all given identical backpacks by the tour group and were asked to put our name on them in a bold manner so that we could tell them apart quickly and easily.  I'm ought to take a few days, at least...longer if I decide to add flourishy stuff.

Plus, I'm still reading my history of Paris book...I'm up to 1562...the Catholics and Protestants are about to go to war.


I am a big whiney baby

Keli Burke 1976 I figured out why I'm not working on the dollhouse.  I'm at the point where I need to trim the outside of the house and I don't want to do it.  I want it done, but I don't want to do it.  I'm acting like I'm five years old, instead of almost, I wasn't this much of a baby back then.

I started one side of the house before I got distracted by kitchen was hard...the cuts were complicated where the trim pieces overlap.  But even more than that, it's because I bought stryrene corner trim instead of wood corner trim (because it was locally available), and I don't like working with styrene the way I like working with wood. 

I can buy new wood corner trim online, but that doesn't seem like the answer to my problem.  It's obvious that the answer to my problem is to stop whining, put my big girl pants on, and get back to work. 

no work on the dollhouse

I was working in my gardens all weekend.  What was it Susan said one day a week or two ago, nurseries are evil?....I'll second that.

I'm also reading a book on the history of the city of Paris.  I've read from 53 BC to's mostly been a big blur, but I think the book will get more comprehensible further in.  The author is really rushing through the ancient history...covering the important events and giving enough of an overview to set the mood, so to speak.  So far a lot of churches have been built, destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed, and rebuilt again.


another dollhouse in a dollhouse

Tee hee, it's so cute!  I made it from a kit. 

There really are rooms inside, and it's made so that the front is detachable, for access.  It even comes with wallpaper for the rooms, which I didn't use.  I painted the inside with glow-in-the-dark paint, just for fun, then glued the front on.  I have no desire to play in rooms that tiny.


I also bought kits for a cabinet and a wardian case.  I'm planning on putting the wardian case in the dining room, but I don't have room in the house for the cabinet, I'll have to save it for a future project.

the countdown begins

I didn't do any work on the house this weekend. 

Saturday I spent most of the day at the office.  Sunday I cleaned my studio and went shopping with Kate.  Apparently she won an academic merit accomplishment scholarship from the local college...I was told it's considered quite a big deal but we don't have the details yet.  We shouldn't know anything yet, but the school secretary told her in advance to make sure she attends the honors convocation in June, which is held the week before graduation, because she usually doesn't attend such ceremonies.  She has to wear special...oh, I don't know, cords or a sash or something, and there's going to be a special I said, I don't have any details.  I decided she needs a pretty new dress to wear as well.  We found a gorgeous sundress at Macy's today.  I'll post pictures after the ceremony.

I spent the rest of the weekend playing with the cat and reading a travel's now one month until we leave for a week in Paris.  I'm determined to learn at least the basic courtesy phrases in French before we leave.  I realize that everyone in Paris is going to know we're tourists, but I'd rather not come across as some dumb, rude American douche bag.