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senior prom


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That cabinet is going to look REALLY good when it is done - that may be my favorite part of the house, unless you got the Playboy mags for the boy's fort, and then it will be my second favorite.

And I would populate my house with Mrs. Tiggywinkle dolls if I won the lottery and could buy a house, and dolls.

LoL at the SofA Todd ( Sons of a Todd? ) - if sellers don't use their real location on their shop, I usually just close it, since that sets an incredibly shady tone right away.
I want to know where my stuff is coming from, not how *clever* they can be with descriptions.


My Regretsy submission of the day:


It's SO wrong on so many levels!

>"This necklace was inspired by a no other than Barbie herself! I have an obsession with colors, so this necklaces speaks perfectly as to how much I love color....and Barbie. The list of materials goes on forever. Just let the photos do the talking."<

So it's not really Barbie's wet dream, and now we are given tmi about this chick's dreams.
And she felt the need to show a necklace on a full length unclothed mannequin, like showing us how it looks on naked Barbie in her dreams about her?

And it's $1200?!?!?!
For a bunch of cheap plastic Wally's crap (most likely dug out of her kid's toybox) hung on a chain that will snag your sweater while it turns your neck green.

You have an impressively keen eye for Regretsy submissions, Anna!


Did you see her other stuff? You should be thankful Barbie's Wet Dream was only displayed on an undressed mannequin.

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