we are the best parents ever...well, for a little while anyway
silence is another way of saying what I wanna say


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Ha! Did you notice that one of my Regretsy submissions made it on the site again?


Actually, it's been so long since I submitted it that it's probably on the site due to a recent submission from someone else...but I'm taking the credit anyway.


Nah, I'll bet it's there because of you - there has been all the book stuff going on and she is probably just now catching up on submissions.
I've only been reading it once a week or so because of all the promo boring stuff - hope that's almost over with.

Your house is looking like a house! Not a "duh" statement because I am really surprised that something that tiny can look real!

LOL - you think of clever crafty things when you wake up in the middle of the night - I think of all the awful things that I have ever done and all the awful things that will inevitably happen one day.

And I have given up on trying to read inspiring, enlightening things since finding The Bloggess, but have laughed more in the last week...



I worked in a restaurant doing food prep when I was in high school. I grated a five pound block of cheese into a large plastic tub, then covered it with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap made a reflective surface, and I was alone in the kitchen, so I was standing at the counter, looking down at the tub of cheese, making funny faces, peering at my tonsils, etc. I looked up after a few minutes to see the chef, sous chef and half the wait staff standing quietly just inside the kitchen door, watching me, barely restraining their laughter.

Such memories are the things I think about in the middle of the night.

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