how Susan's Halloween project is coming along
more harrumph


I got a fair bit accomplished last night...not all of the time spent turned out to be productive though.  I spent quite a while carefully and tediously staining a dark accent color in crevices, to make those areas shadowed...then when I stained the whole piece a lighter color it covered the darker accent.  I had expected the dark accent to show through, which it did after the first coat dried, but not after the second coat dried.


It looks blah as is...I'll have to do the tedious accent color work all over again.

On a positive note, I used the miter on my table saw for the first time yesterday....a 30° angle on four pieces, quick and neat as can be. I can only cut 45° angles on my miter box...I love my new table saw.


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Hmmmm, trying to figure out what can be done with those angles...


Angles? Hmmm, curious.

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