I'm boring

how Susan's Halloween project is coming along

It's coming along too slowly, I haven't hardly anything done and there's so much more to do, but I can't seem to find time to work on it.  I'm hoping the three day weekend coming up will help, though I suspect I might have to go to the office Saturday.

I got a little bit done yesterday...

There is a join where two pieces of wood come together that wood glue isn't enough to hold, so I bought the skinniest, longest, flat-head wood screws I could find at the hardware store on my lunch hour yesterday (size 2, 1/2").  When I got home from work I very carefully held the pieces of wood in position, pre-drilled the screw holes, spread glue on one piece, then couldn't get the holes lined back up again.  I held the two pieces in position, figuring if I wasn't lined up exactly right, that I was damned close, then turned the screws in.  I had to turn the screws in by hand, because the driver on my drill was too big...it took forever and I gave myself a blister...and I don't know what those screws were made of, seemed like silver colored play-doh, because I was making mush out of the heads.  I got a little metal sliver from material that shredded off...it took forever to get out, and I was worried I didn't get it all because it still hurt for quite a while, but it doesn't hurt this morning so I think I'm okay.

I got most of the screw heads flush with the surface, but a couple of them stripped out too bad to turn in all the way.  The ones that are aren't in flush are close enough...I may have to sand down the back side of the trim that's going to cover them in order to get the trim to sit flush, but it should all look okay in the end.


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Wow, sounds like there may be a little bit of blood in my Hallo gift!

Relax and enjoy it- there are almost two months left until the day!
Hmmm, maybe that's easy for me to say this year because I am kicking ass on your project now and am probably going to be done by the end of the week!

Knock on wood...


Do you think maybe that not posting about it is making it take longer? Like you'd find more time if you felt a push to put something on the blog? Not saying that you should ruin the surprise, just a curious question.


No, what's making it take longer is that I'm at the office nine or ten hours a day, six days a week...then when I'm home I'm tired and cranky.

So, Susan...if you're going to be done by the end of the week does that mean I get my present now, or are we going to send them to each other at the same time when they're both done?


Up to you - I can wait to send it so they cross paths in the mail, or am fine with sending it when it's done, so I'll leave it up to you.

I'm trying to make up for being such a tombstonecentric, terribly neglectful friend last year, so your choice when you want it.
It is very close to done now...

I'm trying to figure out if I want to light it or leave it dark - it's kind of hard to see inside, like it is now, but you may have a place to put it that lights it better - it's shallow and kind of, but not entirely, dark.
Like me!

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