getting close
Miniature World Heritage Buildings at Tobu World Square


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I can see why you have a crush. Love the colors. It is just a simple four patch, but so well done!


Melinda did pick some great colors! I love those blues, and the yellows make everything pop!
Good job, Melinda!!!


Aww, thanks guys! And yes, I would have been upset about a phone call. Gabe actually let me sleep in until 9:30. It was divine!


I forgot, Keli told me I have to ask you for boy potty training tips, Susan. My kid is not adapting well.


Cheerios in the potty for him to aim at ( they're flushable after ) ... and maybe a chart with gold stars for when he goes.
Nothing negative attached to it - it's hard, but try to just let it slide until he really is ready to take that "big boy" step.
If he likes to look at books, put a few next to the potty for him - if he has favorite books, let him "read" those books only on the potty and no where else in the house. Same with a special toy, bought only for the potty and it only can be held there.
Make it a fun and special place so the trauma of growing up is minimized, and sit in there with him so he isn't alone. He wants to know he is still your baby, so lots of hugs after he does go in the pot, but hugs anyway.


Oh, and you could go let him pick out some big boy underwear at Target or Wallys - let him choose the ones he likes best and let him know that they can't be peed in because they aren't like diapers.


Thanks, Susan! I hadn't thought of reading him books on there or special toys only to be used on it. He does have underwear, but I picked them out. He got all excited about a bunch of them, but every time I put one in the cart he told me to put it back. We're using pull-ups for now because he is averaging about twice a day actually going on the potty. But I think they aren't helping because he knows he can pee in them and the only thing that will happen is the designs fade away.


This is a weird idea, but maybe instead of putting the underwear in the cart in the store, let him hold them like a toy, and then maybe even let him carry them around the house in the pack until he gets used to the idea of maybe trying them out.

All males take to an idea better if they think it is their own...


"All males take to an idea better if they think it is their own..." Never have truer words been spoken. LOL

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