unwanted break
my new ride

I'm back

I've got nothing to report on my project... just wanted everyone to know not to worry. 

Our power is back on, which is good, because the temperature dropped down into the low 50s last night...I had Matthew turn the furnace on so I wouldn't freeze my toes off.

The damage to my car is not too bad, considering that a tree fell on it.  It looks like I'll have to have the hood and one front fender replaced, and some scratches buffed out in lots of other places.  The windshield is intact and the car is drivable....I'm waiting for an insurance adjuster to come take a look at it so that I can get it fixed.  It needs to be fixed soon, because the top of the fender is bent over the edge of the hood, so that the hood won't open.


It's hard to tell in the picture, but the center of the hood, where the big scratches are, is indented quite a bit.  The scratches continue across the hood and the front bumper, around to the other fender and side mirror.

Kate was miffed...this car is going to be hers as soon as I decide what I'm going to buy for my new ride.  I was going to get a Mini Cooper, but the nearest dealer is a two and a half hour drive away, so any time the Mini would need any kind of warranty work I'd have to drive or haul it down there.  We're going to go this weekend to look for something new...would be good timing to have the new one to drive while this one is in the shop.


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The mini dealer is near me, isn't it? I see how you are...lol


Poor Kate - but I bet it will look as good as new when they get it fixed!

And now I can eat the chocolate instead of sending it - was going to send you my Cocoa Krispies.
Could make it more gourmet and melt some chocolate for the fruit flies to land in - wouldn't that look like Cocoa Krispies anyway?

Where do fruit flies even come from? They just appear and multiply and are impossible to get rid of!

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