I'm back
getting close

my new ride

I bought my new car today, a black 2006 Volvo S60.  I love it...especially the seat warmers and the moonroof.  It's pretty sexy.

I was going to have Matthew take a picture of me with new ride, but it's dreary, cold and rainy, so I stole a picture from google image search instead.  Updated with my own picture.



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It's a beauty!!
And a Volvo - excellent choice!

Ummmm, seat warmers...


I LOVE my seat warmers. Sometimes in the winter if I don't heat up the car long enough I just pop it on...then feel really guilty that the kids are sitting in the icy cold backseat without one. You won't have that particular issue with your Volvo.


Very sexy! And, I, too, love my seat warmers. :D

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