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Susan - watch this

oh no....

I just found the neatest half scale furniture kit shop...but I just wrote a big check for a new car, so can't spend money on furniture.

Bits & Kits

But that's probably a good thing, because I've already got more furniture than I need to fill the Fairfield...and my new car has seat warmers, so it was totally worth it.

I'm still working on Susan's surprise Halloween present.  I hope to get it finished this weekend, but since it always takes longer than I think it should, I probably won't.

SIgh...same thing I said last weekend but I lost my enthusiasm after my electrician and I worked out the lighting...what I wanted and thought I was going to get were different than what he thought I wanted and what I got.


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Electrician?! I have a diaper bag I was supposed to have finished today and I HAVE to have finished by Monday to enter into a contest. Guess my level of enthusiasm?


I know what you the time I was done with all the laundry and housework yesterday I didn't work on my project much at all. I got it ready for my electrician to finish the wiring, but he spent most of the day at a record show yesterday so didn't get it done. I'm hoping if I talk all sexy to him I can get him to do it this morning (the wiring I mean...though "it" would be nice too).


OMg, now I'm not even going to talk about how I was stripping all weekend!


da duh da duh DUH
boom boom
boom boom
da duh da duh DUH


Just use your phone voice, Keli...maybe "Baaa" a few times. HA!


I had forgotten about that.

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