oh no....
my deadline passes


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I love her face! So expressive! Am going to have to watch it again when my brain is working to catch the storyline - is there a storyline?
Organ harvesters? Or just ghouls?

Halloween is coming too fast - I'm sad when I think about it being over. There was such a thrill in seeing the countdowns that people have on their blogs when there were three months left ( I felt rich with days left until Halloween! ), and now the count is in the 30s instead of the 90s...

What does that have to do with your clip?
I am seeing a lot of good stuff like that and it won't last much longer - did I show you the one about the cat?



It's spooky quiet in here!

I am rich in Halloween blogs - everyone is posting stuff now that Fall has woke us all up and October is creeping in!
Found this graphic that I thought was cool and could be useful:






Nice graphics. I may have to work at least one of those into your present...does Frida like pumpkins?

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