I'm back

unwanted break

I'm posting before I leave work today because I'm not sure how many days it will be until I can post again.  We're having severe windstorms in Michigan, the power is out at my house, and there is no estimate as to when it will be repaired.  Plus, a tree fell on my car.

Tree on my car


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:O Oh, no!!! :[ Sorry to hear about your car.


¡Que susto! El tiempo esta loco.
Espero no tengais desgracias personales. Siento lo de tu coche.
Besitos, May


¡Uf! Menos mal que sólo ha sido el coche. Espero que esteis bien.
Besos Clara


Poor thing!

I can absolutely sympathize - hope your power is back on tonight!

If it's more than a week, I'll send you something chocolate-covered!!


LOL, now she's not going to tell you if the power comes on or not, she's going to hold out for chocolate.

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