we couldn't stand it anymore

almost done

I've almost finished Susan's Halloween present.  I got it far enough along to take over to my parent's house yesterday, as they always like to see what I've made before I send it away.  They think it's really neat...but they're biased, they think everything I make is neat.

I've got a little more sanding, then a little more painting to do before I'll call it completely finished...shouldn't be more than a day or two's worth of work left.

I took my camera with me yesterday, as I thought I'd get some photos of the fall color to post...Mom told me I missed it by a couple of weeks.



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I should get out and take some pictures of the color here - it's getting pretty stunning out there!

And I saw pictures from Keli this morning and am just blown away!
I'm glad that it worked out this way, not seeing it until it is basically finished, because the impact just floored me!
In over twenty-five years of collecting Halloween and drooling over what I can't afford, it's the coolest thing I have ever seen!

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