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Something I don't understand...

I quit growing when I was 14.  I stopped at 5'2" tall and 98 lbs.  I remained that weight until I quit smoking in my early 30s, when I put on 15 lbs.  I'm almost 40 now, still at 5'2", but now at 120 lbs.  I look healthier  with the added weight, even though I don't care for the jiggliness around my midsection.

When I was in my teens I wore a women's small.  In my early 20s a small was too big, even though my body size hadn't changed, so I was shopping in the girl's section.  In my late 20s, still the same size,  I fit into a women's small again.  Then, 20 lbs later, I fit into a medium.  Now, still the same weight as I was in a medium, I wear a large.

I don't understand how a 5'2", 120 lb woman wears a large.  What size do women of ordinary height and weight wear?  It's ridiculous.


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Keli, I have the same problem. I took a lot of fashion design courses in college, so I can kind of answer your question...Over the past 20 or 30 years, the sizing has changed. For some reason, the fashion industry is making ready to wear smaller than it was. You can't rely on size tags either. Every company has their own idea of what a small, medium or large should measure.

On top of that, when the every day companies cut the fabric for clothes, they pile up a big layer upon layer stack of fabric and actually cut it with a kind of saw! The saw is slanted. The top, smaller part of the pile becomes the smallest size. The next part is medium and so on. There can be as much as 2" difference in the top and bottom of any given section. Thus, in any given size, there is a lot of give in the sizes. This is especially true of tee shirts and other jersies.

Next time you go to try on shirts, experiment. If there are lots of shirts in any given size, hold up several, seam to seam at the hem, next to each other. Some are way larger than others...Also you will find that some of the mediums are almost the same size as some of the large.

Sorry to be so long winded, but you hit on one of my pet peaves in the fashion industry.LOL


I can go anywhere from a medium to an extra-large, depending on where I am shopping.

Am sitting here now in a massive Duke sweatshirt that John got me at the thrift - I love huge fleece-lined sweatshirts that I can pull down over my knees!


Very interesting lesson in how they cut fabric, Casey. I had always assumed the different sizes were cut separately and all of each size where the same size. I'm definitely going to check that out the next time I go shopping.

I had realized, through observation, that manufacturers size differently, but I had assumed there was at least some sort of standard range for each size.


I knew that about the way they cut clothes. It is crazy. I hate clothes shopping for all of those reasons. JCPenney does vanity sizing, where everything is a size larger than their tag says. At least in the juniors section, one of their employees admitted it after I tried on a pair of jeans in the size I KNEW I was.

I have to shop in the juniors section for jeans because I can't find any jeans made for adult women that don't have huge hips, thighs and asses. None of which are large on me. So I'm all over the stores trying to accommodate my skinny legs and giant chest.

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