we couldn't stand it anymore

I do believe I'm done

The roof is finished...I think...unless I decide to add some of the green I covered up back in.


Now I need Matt to finish the wiring...he has to wire the transformer to the connector that plugs into the tomb.  I also need to stop by the market for a box of sweet delicious packing material (dried cherries, to those who aren't familiar with mine and Susan's history).

I'm taking the tomb to work with me today to show the girls in the office.  Provided Matt gets the wiring done this evening I should be able to ship it to Susan tomorrow.


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¡Muy buen trabajo! Este color está muy bien logrado.
Besos Clara


I agree with Clara - I like the color!

And it has wiring??!!?? That means it has lighting?? It just keeps getting better!

I'm so excited abut it, and John did say last night that he would like to take it in to work to show it to people.

And cherries!!!
Michigan cherries are just the best - I don't know what you all do to make them so good up there, but yummy!!


Susan - in yesterday's blog pictures, the biggest picture of the tomb shows it with the light on inside, and it looks like the picture after that does too. I bet it looks wicked cool in a dark room.


Me encanta el color te ha quedado fantastico.
besitos ascension


It's going to be my new nightlight!

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