I do believe I'm done
final photo shoot before I shipped the tomb to Susan


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Oh my gosh, what a cool shot!!


Mucho miedo. Falta la musica de susto.
Besos Clara


Coolest thing ever - I can't stop thinking about it!


Wow, me a week ago, all cocky because my project was done and I was a better person than I was last year...

Me, today, still trying to find a box that will fit a two-foot tall clock case, while you have sent yours out...

Am going to have to cut a box down, I think!


I think it's hysterical that you've had my project done for over a month, but hadn't bothered to find a box for it. HA! This means I've beaten you, despite your huge head start.


Oh, I am feeling completely demoralized - how could I have had it sitting there for a month, knowing the box that it shipped to me in was so hard to find, and yet it never once crossed my *mind* to start looking for a box to ship it out in??

I went to Wally's last night and found the box - after fruitlessly going through my storage and attic for one the right size - am cutting it down now to ship yours in ( same box it shipped to me in, but there were four in that one, so this one needs to be cut down ) and will ship it out first thing Monday morning, but yes, I'm an idiot and will bow to be knighted as such.

Now we're on our way to Cincy to watch a marching band competition, and then Johnny Rotten is taking me to the Dent Schoolhouse haunted house tonight on the way home!!

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