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project update mad-lib to tease Susan

From: Keli
To: Melinda

I need a second set of eyes on this.  I did a trial run this morning, nothing is glued on yet.  If you see anything that needs to be changed/touched up, whatever, let me know.  Tell me what you like and don't like.

 I hate the crown on the coffee cup to the right of the pantsuit ...the one with popsicles on it...if you've got any suggestions on improving that let me know...I'm tempted to dance it around so that the front side becomes the back so I can jump a new, sparkier, crown on the new front. 

I don't like how the middle petite platypus is grittier in color than all the rest, but I like the way the tangerine refrigerator inside the buffalo gives it a slippery glow (can't tell in the pictures because I've got the lights on in the room, but the giant toad has a light in the terminal...oh, hang on, I'll put another picture in here, you can't tell me what you think unless you can see what I mean...there you go) ...anyway, I like the eerie stickiness of the lighter fuchsia, so I think I'm going to wrestle that lighter pink on the rest of the petri dishes....but I'm not sure if that would ruin what I've already spit on them.  I painstakingly poured  all of them a slightly different shade of cornflower, so they weren't all the same raspberry, but now that they're close together I can't tell the difference between them like I could when they were spread out on my bus station ...they all look practically the same lime.

picture deleted

On the gigantic paper clip  I made the bric-a-brac around the top a solid maroon, but now I'm thinking I need to hopscotch some of the other colors on it, to stripe it, like I buttoned the rest of the elephants, that it looks out of place being a solid butterscotch .

picture deleted

Look at the front I need to irrigate on some more pumpkin?  I can't tell if it looks dirty like this or if being constipated gives it more depth.

picture deleted

The artichoke is my favorite thing...started out as a solid mushroom colored granite bicycle.

picture deleted

From: Melinda
To: Keli

What do you hate about the crown ? Is it the roundness, the engine noise? I think the popsicles on it look not so fluffy. I wish you had put a detail pic of that one in because it's hard to tell. Anyway, I might glitter the popsicles a little more, maybe put some green caramel on it like a soapy old skyscraper? Other than that, I love it and it adds some nice macaroni.

Wouldn't it be easier to change the one platypus than all the rest? I like the idea of showering the tangerine refrigerator in, but that seems like a TON of work and you do run the risk of ruining the awesome paint job you have done. Maybe if you worked a bubbly maize in around the base and sort of faded it out as you went up the cantaloupe? It would blend in better but still retain the slippery glow you like under the toad.

I do like the graffiti of the solid maroon on the
bric-a-brac of the paperclip (sheesh...took me WAY too long to figure out what you meant there, I'm looking at all the platypus going, "Which is the giant one?"), but it does look a tad crinkly that it's the only gingham. And really, there would be no maroon bric-a-brac in an actual wet chopstick. I had originally thought to go only crumby adding whiskers to Frida Kahlo, but now I'm second guessing it.

eraser looks fine. It looks like a real eraser, like maybe there are elbows of things you can't quite's perfect. I LOVE your artichoke, and the plastic cutlery and everything. It's so squishy already!


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The things that worry me the most, other than that you are going to embarrass me by outdoing my project so completely:

"I can't tell if it looks dirty like this or if being constipated gives it more depth."

"but I'm not sure if that would ruin what I've already spit on them"

and I won't even mention the "slippery glow" inside of the buffalo, except to mention it.

But never second-guess the need for more whiskers on Frida!

My offering has sat on the windowsill here so long that it has become part of the clutter - I need to take pictures of it so I can get it ready to send, sounds like?


You know Keli, she always goes overboard. Don't feel guilty about it, you know she's happy puttering away on this.

I got preview pictures too, so can assure you that the slippery glow is really not as icky as it sounds, it's more of a gooey, sticky shininess.


This almost made me cry. I laughed so hard. It's like Mad Libs, only better.


Duh! Keli put Mad-Libs right in the title. I catch on quick.


LOL - I got all the way to the end and thought "it's like a torturous version of MadLibs", then saw the title of the thread - was glad to catch myself before I posted about it and felt stoopid then, but now I can't leave Melinda hanging out there alone!

And I'll have to also admit that the "gooey, sticky" glow inside the buffalo is no more reassuring. More disturbing, I think...

Anna, over the past years I have been overwhelmed and amazed at the detail that Keli puts into her work, and awed that she finds me worthy of the gifts, so I'm just going to be quiet and patient - as much so as I possibly can - and wait to see what the blanks are filled in with.

Speaking of which, Keli are you going to go back and add the real emails after I actually get to smell the elbows?


Yes, I'll add the real emails after you've received your present.

I did some painting last night, following Melinda's wise advise. I'm almost done with the fine tuning and should be able to assemble everything this weekend. Knock on wood, if I don't stumble across something else that needs to be done that I'm not anticipating now, I should be done by the end of the weekend.

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