almost done
I do believe I'm done

we couldn't stand it anymore

After three months of anticipation Susan and I couldn't take the wait any longer.  We emailed each other pictures of what we're working on.  Susan has been done with my present for over a month, and I am almost finished with hers, I have to finish painting the roof.

This is what I have been working on, inspired by my visit to Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris...a 1:12 scale tomb, with a miniature cemetery inside.

DSCF0011  DSCF0009  DSCF0010

It's still a work in progress (ignore the roof), so these pictures are taken on my worktable...I'll take better pictures when I'm done.  If you click on them you can make them larger.



DSCF0002  DSCF0003  DSCF0004 

DSCF0006  DSCF0007  DSCF0008

And this is what Susan made for me...I'm so excited to see it in person, it's the coolest thing ever.

Keli's Hallo box

She made the ghost from paperclay, and the installation is inside of an old clock case.  I love her work, I am in awe, and feel so priviledged.

Keli's Hallo box side 1  Keli's Hallo box side



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My eyes tear up when I look at yours - I've never seen anything like it before!

You made everything look very very real and I have no idea how - you get so much better at this every year and you started out danged good, and this year just takes my breath away!

I keep getting this mental image of those Matchbox car carriers that little boys treasure so much to carry their collections round in - you have come up with the ultimate carrier of treasure!

I have to ponder how much you could get for this at one of the Halloween shows and how quickly it would be snatched up - how the crowd would be bursting in the doors and racing over to it.
Have you followed Ghoultide Gathering at all? It's in Michigan and people line up for hours, this year in the rain, to collect their favorite artist's pieces.
I think the crowd would be headed like a herd to your table if they saw this!

But it's like the Antiques Roadshow appraisal, where the owner is told their piece is priceless and they smile and say that's nice to know, but they would never sell it!

This is so going in a permanent place of honor, where I can see it daily.

And I feel quite schlubby that mine is on the same page - next year I'll do better...


Both of them are so awesome! Very good work!

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