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happy day

My Fortieth birthday is next week Friday...want to see what I bought for myself?

Some cheap furniture, which will need to be altered before it's used...



A waste of  £6.50...that's what, about $10.00...


The book with the pages printed was £3.50, which I bought because I can't print pages that tiny, and the rest came together, for £3.00.  I bought the set because I wanted the newspapers and magazines.  You know, when I buy something from a bona fide dollhouse store, something from a professional manufacturer, I expect it to be better than something I can make myself (depending on the price point).  These suck.  The print on the newspapers and magazines isn't readable, the magazines aren't folded in half neatly, the covers of the books aren't on neatly and don't cover the balsa bases....and the expensive printed book has a dust jacket and cover too big for the pages.  I feel ripped off.


Two more kits, for a broom and an occasional table, some bare wood furniture, a weather vane...and artisan made luggage and a cardigan...



A jardiniere and matching pot, a bust of Shakespeare, a letter box for the front door, some shoes and eyeglasses...and a little jar that was a bonus gift.


Happy birthday to me! 

My honey is taking me to Red Lobster for dinner this weekend, which is a treat for birthday is the only time we go since the rest of my family doesn't like seafood.  I'm pretty sure he's going to give me an iPad...he said the new wheels and tires he's putting on my car are my birthday present, but I know he's teasing me.

My coworkers are up to something too...I've been asked more than once if I'm working the day after Thanksgiving.




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It does stink to pay for something that someone else has crapped together - sounds like you aren't even going to get the satisfaction of leaving bad feedback.
The rest of what you got looks like good stuff, though - is it from different sources or one fell swoop?

You'll have to tell me how you like the iPad, if you do get it!


Ooohh! An iPad! I was wondering about the cardigan...if you were going to try to make one yourself with your new found sewing skills.


"New found sewing skills" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...right now I'm still trying not to sew pillows to my fingers.

I bought everything in one fell swoop from a great store in the certainly not going to complain to them. A little voice in my head was telling me I shouldn't do it when I added the set to the cart, but I ignored it.


Those tiny pillows sewn to your fingers are going to be annoying when you get the new iPad!
Gives a whole new meaning to "fat fingering" it...

I got the email notification this morning to send you an online birthday card and I went and looked, and am going to give you the best of all gifts by not sending any of them - who on Earth thinks up those horrible things??

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