the dining room table is fixed
dinette set refurbish

playing around

I've been moving the furniture around in the house, trying to come up with the right placement...I think I've got it. 

I've got to decide on the finishes now.  Because the inside of the house is seen as a whole through the cut side, even though each room is a individual space, what I want to do, in hopes of making the house cohesive, is to repeat the same colors in all the rooms.  I will repeat the burgundy, green, cream and light blue colors of the walls in the four main rooms.

I determined the furniture placement in the kitchen when I built the cabinetry, but yesterday I decided which dinette set I'm going to favorite set.  This set is broken, but I glued the drop leaf that was broken off back onto the table, in the dropped position...which works great in this space, since it's just the right size with only one leaf up.  Now I've got to figure out what color to paint it.

I tried to take a picture for you, but the streetlight at the corner of my front yard is out...I woke up this morning to our first snowfall.


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Looks good like you have it!

And I love the horse shadow on the attic wall behind the rocking horse - you probably haven't seen The Ring, have you?


Snow. Brrrr.

Keli doesn't watch horror movies, she wouldn't sleep for a week if she watched The Ring.

Knowing her attention to detail I wouldn't be surprised to learn that she put the lights low in the attic with the express intent of throwing creepy shadows.


LOL - wonder if she does that in her own attic...

The Ring is an especially disturbing one, which makes it an especially good one, and one that Keli should especially avoid.
The Japanese know how to do horror and our remakes of theirs are usually a little lame, but this one got it right.

This morning I am watching more boys in search of alien eggs, though...


You guys give me too much credit. I didn't plan the light to be mounted low so that it would cast shadows...I mounted it low because I wanted a little bit of illumination in the attic but not as much as mounting it in the ceiling would give me.

I didn't even notice the shadow of the horse on the wall in the picture, I was too busy looking at furniture placement. Now that I know it's there I think I'll have some fun with it. I wonder if I can do a knight on horseback fighting a dragon scene in shadow?

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