more painting


I reupholstered the ugly blue chair for the living room, and the chair that goes in the study.  They're not perfect, but they're not bad.


I had intended the print to go on the living room chair and the burgundy wool to go on the study chair, but I pinned the patterns to the wrong fabrics and didn't realize it until after I had them cut that point I just went with it.

I may reupholster the living room chair in the print and save the study chair for a different project, subsituting another chair in its place...I'm not sure yet.  If I do leave the living room chair solid burgundy I'm going to take my felting needle to it, very carefully, to see if I can improve the top, where the front and back pieces come together.  I'm glad I had the foresight to paint the blue chair black before I started, so that if I had any gaps between fabric pieces the blue wouldn't show through.

Let's see, what else...

The wicker chair has been repainted a lighter shade of ivory, it looks much better now, though it needs a pad on the seat yet.  

The desk wasn't quite tall enough, so it got beads glued to its feet so that the chair would sit I need to paint the beads.  Did you know that table came with the cheapy sofa and chairs set as a coffee table?  I'm glad I decided to raise it to desk height and buy a new coffee table instead of trying to shorten its legs.

I also tackled my first throw pillow...I won't tell you how many curse words it took to get that accomplished.  That was a huge pain in my patoot.  I'm not looking forward to making the rest of them.  Ugh, I hate to sew.

I've got to find a face for the grandfather clock in the foyer...I need to go through my stash of old watch parts, hopefully I've got one the right size.

So far the interior is going better than the exterior did, I'm having a lot of fun pulling everything together.


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How big are your throw pillows and what is your method for making them? I might be able to offer some tips that make the pillows easier or at least more bearable. :) I kind of do a lot of sewing...don't know if you've noticed.


LOL...why yes, I have noticed. I made it with fusible hem tape on three sides, then hand stitched the fourth side shut after I turned it right side out and filled it with salt. I don't think that my issue is method (though I'm not ruling it out), but size. The pillow is about 1/2" by 1/4". Because I'm working in 1:24 scale (1' = 1/2") I had to keep them so tiny I can't fit the tip of my finger in them.


Yeah, there isn't much help for a 1/2" by 1/4". It's going to be a pain in the ass no matter how you do it. Though that makes me feel like a wasteful pig for the comparably GIANT fabric scraps I threw out just the other day. I am sort of wanting to try a teeny tiny pillow now just to see. HA!

Sometimes when you post teeny tiny quilts I want to do those too...Because I've mastered the quilting on a large scale? Why do I think I need more challenges when sometimes I can't even get a seam straight?


Just saw your etsy links. My husband has a Tootsie Toy truck. He used to have a fleet, but now we have one little tan pickup with a topper on it. Gabe loves it and plays with it almost daily. Never knew they made doll furniture too.

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